Monday, June 28, 2010

Class Numero Uno!

So, my first class was awesome!

My students were amazing.

Even more awesome was the work they did!!  Here's a shot of the first tile we did (click to enlarge);
Tangles featured are: Hollibough, Keeko, Crescent Moon, and Static.

The second tile we did;

Tangles featured are: Floorz, Ennies, Cadent, and Shattuck

I'm so proud of my little class!  It's so amazing when you see all the tiles together, everyone's tiles look the same, but they're all different.  And it's true, there are no mistakes in Zentangle®, only chances for new patterns - and a few new patterns showed up tonight that i am seriously going to bring into my own tiles! 

Thank you, class #1!


tangle me some zen, baby!!