Wednesday, June 23, 2010

a little excited, and a little embarassed

Well, i've got my first official Zentangle® class booked for this Monday!  I'm very excited, and a little nervous.  My family was so kind to let me do a trial run lesson with them the other night to iron out some of the kinks in my presentation.  I think it will be excellent!

In preparation for my first class and for my table at Art in the Park, i had some business cards made up.  They arrived yesterday afternoon and they look so absolutely beautiful!  With one TINY little detail...

the home phone number i listed on the business card happens to be my parents' home number... which hasn't been my number in over TEN YEARS!!  oh man, we had a good laugh... at my expense... and for good reason...

I will blame this on Placenta Head, pregnancy makes me a little absent minded.


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