Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's Flood season apparently...

On Tuesday Night, June 29 - and into the wee hours of the morning of June 30th - We were treated to a crazy thunderstorm and tornado warnings.  B-rad and i stayed up late listening to the weather reports and watching the rain and lightning.

In the morning, we woke to find our Family room and our basement/crawl space had flooded with muddy water.

I'm not sure if you can see on the fence and patio door where the high water mark was.  on the back fence the water mark was 4 feet up.

We called in to work, and got busy cleaning up. Here's my dad hauling up water from the basement/crawl space that he sucked up with his wetvac.

Now our basement looks like this.
We pulled the carpet out, and had to remove 2 feet of drywall... and now it's drying.

Flooding is considered an "act of god" and is therefore not covered by our insurance. yay.

We are applying for disaster relief through the province, so hopefully that goes well.

Anyway, with all this going on i was quite stressed out, needless to say. I've got a toddler to keep occupied with with two less floors to do so, i've got a bun in the oven which makes helping not really an option... I had some wonderful people booked in to have Zentangle® classes in my home - but that's no longer an option... i could feel the anxiety rising.

So, i sat down one night and created these:

I feel much better now.

A Zentangle a Day keeps the doctor away.

All in all, we really are very fortunate. We could have had FAR MORE damage than we did, no one was hurt, the things we lost were just things (except my laptop, sigh, which had all of the pictures of my son on it - from birth to age 2...let's hope they can recover the hard drive)

Our house can be repaired.
In the meantime, i continue to frantically search for venues to host the classes i would have hosted at home. any thoughts?


  1. I can't believe that's what your basement looks like now - and that there's no insurance! How truly awful :(

    How long are your classes? What if you made them nacho and drink classes and had them in a back room of a restaurant or bar? Or a coffee shop that isn't very busy? If classes are only one hour, it shouldn't be a big deal.

    Are there any community/co-op art places that rent rooms out for cheap? S'toon seems to be full of places like that, though I wouldn't know how much they cost.

    Do you have a friend with a really big basement or other room who would be willing to lend the space in exchange for a free class?

  2. Really sad to hear about all of the flooding. Have you considered trying to public library for rentable rooms? Or often the mall will have a party room, or some condo complexes if you have friends who live in one and can rent out the space.

  3. Your attitude is wonderful for such a sad situation. I also hope your hard drive can be fixed! I just found your blog and it is interesting...your doodles. I'm still investigating. God bless you today!


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