Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Tangle!

This tangle was created by "Mistake" by one my students in my first class - and since that first class i've used it in quite a few of my own pieces. 

It's a variation on the pattern Cadent, i call it "Kuzek" (after my friend, cuz she's awesome!) (also, you'll see my name on the picture up there, but really, this tangle is courtesy of her)
The trick with Kuzek is to alternate the direction of your "S" shape when you turn the tile, as opposed to using the same "S" shape as in Cadent.

A great example of how there are no mistakes in Zentangle®, just opportunities for new patterns!
you can see Kuzek in action on the first tile in THIS POST


  1. I love this tangle....and the story that goes with it! maria

  2. Cadent is one of my favourite tangles, and I love to see new variations!

  3. i am brand new to zentangl-ing...and this is pretty understandable...thanks

  4. I am new too and I would love to take part in the challenges, but I can't work out what "grab the button" means. Where and how does one do it ?
    Sorry to be a bit of a dunce!

    1. Hola acabo de entrar a este lindo blog, me encanta el zentangle, me estoy animando a participar también y vi tu pregunta y sin querer encontré cómo lo hagas para que participes y aquí mismo está la explicación, yo no lo puedo explicar y aquí está en este link:

    2. Estoy fascinada con todo lo lindo que veo aquí, me estoy animando a participar, no tengo mucha experiencia. Te felicito por tu trabajo es hermoso. Gracias por compartirlo. Un saludo desde Perú.

    3. I am new at this and must admit I have tangled for years just never had a name before. I doodle all the time and it ends up in a tangle since I was a child. I love having the directions to make sense of what I do. It has kept me focused in a time I am under a great amount of stressed and use this site to push me forward. Thank you for all your zaney and great advice. I love to tangle like many of you.

    4. Thank you for all your wonderful designs its a blast and I love to tangle.


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