Friday, July 9, 2010

Something Good

So, at least one good thing came out of the flood in our basement...

while cleaning and relocating all our worldly possessions to other floors of our house, i noticed our coffee table for the first time.

I came up with this Tangle. I called it KOFEFORN

My husband and his family come from Mennonite stock, Koffe Forn is low-german for Having or Going for Coffee. I thought it was cute... thanks to hubby B-rad for the Tangle name. He's so smart and junk!

 You can see i used it here in the bottom right corner of this Zentangle®:

I'd love to see some of your work with this tangle!


  1. I'll do something up this weekend!

    I don't think I congratulated you earlier on your certification. I'm so happy to see another CZT posting patterns that I can blog about!

  2. thanks Molossus!! i look forward to seeing it!

    and thanks, i love being a CZT! there are only 4 in Canada!

  3. I wish I could go to one of the workshops. It doesn't look like it will happen in the foreseeable future, so I'll have to depend on you and the other CZTs. Thank Heaven for the internet!

  4. Fun!! The challenge is's not really a challenge more like the tanglings happening!!

  5. It's a very nice tangle !

  6. A beautiful tangle, thank you for sharing it with us !

  7. how do you become a zentangle certificate????


tangle me some zen, baby!!