Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Think outside the box

July 7th & 18th - Getting an Oil Change - finished in Winnipeg, MB

Lately i have been doing a lot of tiles based solely on strings and forgoing the regular Dots, Border, String sequence.

It's nice to think outside the 'Box' as it were and let the shapes flow and be organic. 

I also have been trying to remember that sometimes a white space can be beautiful - sometimes my inclination is to fill the entire tile until each space holds a pattern. 

July 17th - Winnipeg, MB

How do you challenge yourself?


  1. Funny, today I was challenging myself to go all the way to the edge of the tile and fill the whole space!! I especially like your "Getting an Oil Change."

  2. I love the thinking out of the box style!

  3. I have discovered not only am I box person, I am an even number person. I not only have to challenge myself to tangle outside the box, but I also have to work at not doing everything 'evenly.' Love your tangles! ~Donna Hornsby


tangle me some zen, baby!!