Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Another fantastic class

Okay, so maybe i'm starting to sound a bit like a broken record - but i had a really great class tonight with some fine and wonderful ladies!

Tile numero Uno
I was having a bit of difficulty throughout the class - being pregnant and all, i found myself running out of breath quite often.  So, with frequent stops to catch my breath, i hope it wasn't too distracting for my students.

The second tile

My favourite moments of the evening, apart from putting the tiles together and everyone having a look at the unique yet similar qualities of their tiles, was the couple of times when after a student would say: "This doesn't look good" and i would take their tile and hold it out in front of them and they'd say: "WOW!"  that wow factor, it feels good.

For them, and for me.

When one student said they hoped that they'd get better at certain patterns over time, i challenged her to re-do the first tile we did in a few weeks and compare the two.  Now i have to go through my tiles to find the first one I did so i can take myself up on my own suggestion.  Should be fun!!

when i got home tonight, my husband was using my computer to practice his bass guitaring skillz, so to pass the time i thought - might as well do a Zentangle®.... and this was the end result.
B is for B-rad, awww...
G'night everyone!  Zentangly dreams!!


  1. I'm glad your classes are going so well. There are some beautiful zentangles here.

  2. Good job with your class! And LOVE your Zentangle tile. Tangle On! ~Donna (CZT#3) in North Texas

  3. Sounds like you had a fab class!!! I still get chills every time our students realize just how beautiful their Zentangle is when they step back from it a bit. That wow moment is priceless. Congratulations, I bet they LOVE you as their teacher! best, Maria

  4. Great class results.I love your Zentangle.Ditto last comment.Stepping back from the Zentangle is a "magical" experience. Each one shows what could be done to extend the idea next time.I am drawing more than I ever have in my whole life!!
    Thanks for [posting.


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