Friday, September 3, 2010

Class #3

I had my first fall class at the very end of August - to make sure that i had a chance to teach it to my good friend, Shanna, before she and her lovely family flew away to Halifax for school...

I've had some trouble securing classes, i think people are still thinking "summer" and not Fall and learning.  After advertising on Facebook with limited response and having a few cancellations at the last minute - i thought it looked like it would be a one on one session... which was fine.  I contemplating canceling the class, but in the end decided that i'd already paid for the space - we might as well use it...

which, in the end, turned out to be a good decision - as just before i was about to start we were joined by a lovely woman by the name of Maria - who was just charming!

The class was great!  The ladies were both amazing, and enthusiastic!

Their tiles were great!

I just love that moment when we put the tiles together.

comparing tiles is so much fun - that's when you really see the individual styles of each person.... i often compare them to newborn babies in the hospital - they all look the same, but they're all unique and the parents always know which one is theirs.

Here's a shot of my easel and our second tile on the big scale!

Thanks for a great class, ladies!

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  1. Their tangles look great! I also love the big easel tangles. It is an unfortunate thing about the cancellations but it happens in just about every class that we teach ... don't feel disheartened about it. Cheers Jane x


tangle me some zen, baby!!