Friday, January 28, 2011

Once upon a time i wrote blog posts...

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Inspired by Kit @ Dreamscribe Designs and Mel @ Lone Creature's posts regarding their coffee cups i thought i'd take this opportunity to show mine!

When my 2nd son, Artoo, was born almost 2 months early in October, i spent it a lot of time going back and forth to the hospital while he was in Neo-Natal Intensive Care.
Oct 16, 2010 - Artoo's birthday!

Then i lived there 24/7 for the ten days he spent in Pediatric Care.  He spent a total of 40 days in the hospital before he came home.

As i spent a lot of time just being present, i started bringing my Zentangle® kit to the hospital and did a few tiles.  Here are two that i made for Artoo's isolette and for his little neighbour Erik's isolette.

"e" is for "Erik"

"o" is for Artoo's real name ;)
I really embraced Zentangle during this period, as it helped me to find a space of calm during such a crazy time in my life.

I also spent a LOT of time (and money) at the Starbucks Kiosk in the Hospital Mall.  i loooooves me some Starbucks - and i bought a really great red travel mug in support of Project (RED).  it's great.

a few days later, Starbucks started putting out their Christmas stuff and i came so close to buying a travel mug  with the photo insert to tangle....but i couldn't justify the purchase seeing as i'd just bought the (RED) one.

i kept going back to the kiosk, and kept almost buying it.

then i saw this great mug and immediately dreamed of tangles!  A great mug to use at home!

it took me a while to find the time to sit down and tangle it - and it sat on my counter until just before New Year's.

then i sat down, tangled, let it cure for 24 hours, then baked it in the oven to set it...

at 18 ozs, i call it my Big Mug.  i use it everyday, and it holds almost half my coffee pot.  mmmm.

So Awesome, even Jessie loves it.
So there you have it!

My Zentangle Inspired Art Mug.


  1. Love it! How long and what temp did you bake it?

  2. Oh- My brother bought me one of those mugs a last year for my birthday. He said- "I don't know- I figured you could draw on it.." Well, I haven't gotten around to draw on it yet...Did you use the pen that came with it? How well did it work? I Love it btw & am thrilled to find another coffee addict...

  3. Beautiful mug! Thanks for sharing your stories about Artoo. Look how far he has come in such a short time. What a special little guy he is! Hugs, Sue

  4. How Grand! or maybe Grande, or actually almost Vente! Where did you get it? Do they make them smaller?

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  6. i baked it at 350 for 45 minutes, i think. the instructions were on the mug.

    i did use the marker that came with the mug, and this was the only size i saw. I got it at Starbucks (the one on 2nd Ave.)

  7. Um, yum, and nummy-num! The perfect mug in the perfect size! I try to enjoy only one coffee a day, so I've made NO limitations on it's size! Love the tiles for the baby boys; wonderful that Zentangle could offer you a place of peace and a piece of place while you waited and worried.

  8. Thank you for sharing Artoo's story with us. He is a dear! Wow, what a fabulous mug! I am going to look for one like that here in Toronto. :-)

  9. Great 'mug shots' [smile] ...and Jesse is pretty choosy - so that's high praise indeed! Wow, Laura! That really is One Awesome Mug. I love it! I've had a couple of my Zentangles commercially printed onto white ceramic mugs (Cafe Press, Zazzle, and Vistaprint will do that quite cheaply), and guests who use them frequently ask, "Can I order one?" (which they can't 'cause they were one offs). But it's given me a great idea for birthday presents for this year! Last year people got traditional Zentangles, but mugs would actually get used, and handled [pun] ...which is great! I've had a punny week this week. [grin] As I'm sure you've all noticed. LOL

  10. Great Mug! It's nice to witness how zentangling is not only beautiful and fun but also theraputic.

  11. I was given one of those mugs by my favorite Starbucks Barista and I'm a little sad today because I didn't know about zentangling then. I eventually gave the mug away after I found out the little "doodle" I drew on it wouldn't come off and I couldn't have a do-over. Your is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Love that mug.. I think I need one of those too.. just beautiful...

  13. How beautiful. I never would have thought. What a great idea for a V'Day gift to my husband--a man who loves SB mugs and the Via to put in them. (If he uses it. Often people who receive such a guft think it's "too good" to use. Honestly, that's the point: use it and think of me. I wonder how easy it was to use the included marker? I know it's meant for signatures, but you have so many fine details that I wonder how clumsy it might be.

  14. the marker wasn't too bad, but i practised on a bit of paper before drawing on the mug.

  15. wowie...good coffee in that mug... perfection!

  16. Laura...I am presenting you with the "stylish blogger award". You may pick up you badge and award if forward here:
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  17. my Awesome Godson just brought be the Starbucks mug: I'm soo-oo excited! Laura, you did such a great job with yours!!


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