Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekly Challenge #9 "New Tangle - artoo" Slideshow

i loved looking at these tiles this week, to see all the artoos growing and thriving, just like my own little weed. ;)

There were also a great many tangleations that i'm dying to try out!

Well, i'm all caught up now, things should "hopefully" get back to normal as far as having the slideshows up and running on Sundays. If i've missed your submission, i'm sorry. There are a lot of entries and i'm only human! hee hee. Just pop me an email with the URL where your tile is and i'll add it to the slideshow as soon as i can.

Happy Tangling!!


  1. Wonderful - wow, what diversity!! A great 'launch' of Artoo. =)

  2. Zentangles intrigue me more and more!

  3. Whispering another special round of Zentangle magic

  4. The slideshow is a highlight of my week apart from accepting the challenge ;-) itself. All those gorgeous ZTs boundled here is so thrilling to see.
    There´s are so much brilliant art here!
    Thank you again for all your work of hosting and caring for us.
    Blessings to all tanglers around the world.

  5. Congratulations, you are a winner of the Bloggers With Style Award! Please see my blog for details:


  6. Thank you for the challenges....they give us the opportunity to try something so different and new. Everyone is amazing!

  7. These are all great! :D I LOVE seeing everyone's in a slideshow! Thank you for all your hard work Laura!

  8. These are amazing - LeeAnn's Mother and Child took my breath away! Love this. So happy to hear Artoo is doing wonderfully! Miracles abound!



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