Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A teeny tiny correction

Hey all, welcome!  if you're looking for this week's challenge, look no further than this link here

I just wanted to say that already (and it's ONLY Tuesday) your tiles and pieces look ah-MAY-zing!!

as i tootle my way across the blogosphere reading your posts and looking at your art, there's one TEENY TINY thing that i want to correct.

my name.

It's Harms.

Like, Harm plural.

Not Harm's. 

So, really, the apostrophe should go after the s... like so:  "Hey! here's my contribution for Laura Harms' challenge!"

Small, i know, but my husband is starting to wonder who this Laura Harm woman is.*

*he's not, i totally just pinned that on him.  sorry honey! love you!


  1. Mrs. Harms :)
    I posted my new tangle, with it is my tangle from last week because I was SO late! let me know if I need to move stuff around... I've labeled them so you should be able to discern which is which! Love the job you're doing!

  2. Ah. The apostrophe and the comma. Gremlins, really, you know. I have a personal grudge against them. Take my blog, for instance. I knew the apostrophe should be after your name, but when I checked the last three posts using your name, I found Laura Harms', Laura Harm's, and lastly Laura Harms with no apostrophe at all. The apostrophe's a're ob'viou'sly mov'ing a'round on' the''''ir o''wn''. They''d'o th'at y'ou kn'ow.

  3. Ah yes, the wandering apostrophe... one never knows whence it will appear! And, BTW, I love your new background. We bodacious brunettes need a little "change up" on a regular basis, don't we? Keep 'em guessing!....

  4. @Laura Harms: loving the makeover!
    @Sandra S't''tr'ait': ROFL

  5. WOOHOO, this site is great! I just picked up your challenge button & now I can't wait for Monday! Thanks for a great website!


  6. Okay, I have posted my "monotangle" on my blog...is there anything else I am supposed to do??? (Obviously...a novice!!) and I would like to add the challenge button to my blog but when I pasted the URL in, I got a message about ...blah. blah, ..I don't know...anyway, I would like to post it but don't know how!!! Help!! Oh...and thanks for the your blot I LOVE IT!!!

  7. Oh, and that name thing happens to us all the time!!! Our name ends in "s" and we are always getting the 's!

  8. I know how you feel about your name. My name is one of the few things that I feel like I really own. I did not choose my name but I would not change it.
    I love your zentangle and your wallpaper. so nice.


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