Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekly Challenge #12 Something Blue Slideshow

Fabulous work, everyone.  kudos to everyone who pushed themselves out of their comfort zone this week.


  1. It is always so amazing to sit and go through the slideshow and see everyones entries all in one place. Thank you for putting it together & for hosting these challenges!

  2. Just having watched this beautiful slideshow, I'm inspired by the beauty of every entry. Some are elegantly simple, some delightfully complex, imaginative, playful, dancing, flowing, soft and gentle, dramatic and bold. It's all there. It's All Good. WOW! I just want to say to ALL my tangle family out there... You're Awesome!!

    Laura... just Thank. You.
    Love, Kit

  3. Wow.This is a lovely, lovely slideshow of everyone's work!!This Challege venture has been wonderful. I look forward to each one.
    Laura you are a Treasure for doing this.

  4. I can't tell you how much I look forward to these slideshows and challenges each Monday. Laura, thank you for hosting these and putting together such neat shows. I agree with Kit, you are all awesome!

  5. Thanks, Laura
    This looks like a lot of work to put this together. Thanks so much for doing it. I always look foreword to the next one.

  6. Sometimes I get so jealous of the lovely talented people who zentangle and I think, oh I wish I could duplicate that work. Then I realize that the magic of zentangle, that each person has their own stamp...or sort of signature. After a while you will recognize a piece is the creation of a certain person before you see the name and that is why I love these slideshows. I can see a part of each of you and you are all gorgeous!


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