Tuesday, April 12, 2011

To all my Artist friends out there

My Aunt Shirley in California is doing the Avon Breast Cancer walk this year and is trying to raise some money.  My Grandmother is a survivor, and was in remission until recently.  She just found another lump and went in for a mastectomy - today, actually. 

Anyway, my aunt has asked for crafts for a craft sale to raise funds.

So, i'm working on a piece that is about 9"x12" with the words: strength, courage, hope with a Zentangled background (highly inspired by the fabulous work of Carole Ohl), and it's on watercolour paper.

So, my question to all y'all is: What is a reasonable price?  i have no idea.  I've never sold anything, so it's way beyond my realm of expertise, which is why i'm asking you for help.

any thoughts?


Oh, and i'll be sure to post a picture when it's done.


  1. I have a 9X12 up for auction on Facebook that is currently at $40.00. Money goes to Japan. I don't know if that helps, but as of now, it's what the market will pay.

  2. I would love to donate some pink ribbon polymer clay earrings for her cause. Usually when I make things like this I ask for a $5 donation. Your Zentangle should be at least $40

  3. Ask Margaret Bremner! Her little 5" x 5" works start at $45. I bet you could price it for at least $50.

  4. I've seen your stuff - if you auction it, place a starting bid rate of $50, or at least a reserve level of this. It's worth in the range of 50-250 depending on what you make of it....

  5. Dear Laura,
    This is a great way to raise money. I lost my husband to cancer. I have made 4 postcards (http://ilex-ilexsweblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/goede-doel.html) ​​for a friend who is cycling Alp HuZes (http://deelnemers.alpe-dhuzes.nl/DefaultAD6 . aspx) for cancer fund. I've copied and sold for 5 euros. The count now stands at about 170 euros so 34 sets sold. I can if you want send a set of 3 so you can give them to your aunt that sell for $ 2 each. I think $ 50 is a good price for the size you will work on. Succes

  6. Reply emailed, but the bottom line is: think of what you'd like to get for it and quadruple it (or charge that much for a print). Also... ARTISTS CHRONICALLY UNDERVALUE THEIR ART. This is a known fact. This is Not a good thing!!! (Not good for the artists... not good for all the other artists, since it sets a precedent. ) We want to send the message out that This Stuff Is Valuable... Unique... Clever... Amazing... Astonishing... WOW! (How easily or quickly an individual artist can produce amazing ZIA is *not* relevant here.)

  7. What a wonderful idea! I hope that you either keep your original and get really good prints made, or sell the original, and get really good prints made. I think this piece is going to be so amazing, and full of love and emotion, that I hope you will be able to retain it for yourself in some way!

  8. And you probably know that you can sell prints marked for example -- 4/15 (fourth print out of 15 made), so you might even be able to raise more money that way! I bet there are people here who would be interested in buying.

  9. great ideal Carl. does anyone know where to get prints made??

  10. Laura,
    I would love to donate some of my jewelry to your aunt's craft show to help raise monies. Can you send her a link to my email so she and I can make arrangements. She can check out my Etsy shop too for an idea of what I make to see if she is interested...

    Hope the procedure went well. So sorry to hear about the lump...

  11. So sorry to hear of this. My mother had a mastectomy and my sister was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer as well, so I too know of the trials your family may be going through. Keeping you al in my prayers.

    As for the asking price, a good rule of thumb that I have been told when pricing craft items. is to take you cost of materials and multiply times 3 to get your asking price. Difficult when doing a tangle but keep that in mind. Good luck with the fundraiser.

  12. Ladybird is right.. basically that's what they tell you for crafty things.. but maybe you should pick a price per hour for how long it takes you..as the costs of supplies aren't expensive.. I think you should get prints done too.. but have no idea where to do that..Sell the original for a lot alot of artist's prints I've seen go for around the $50. mark.. probably too late am so slow in reading these days..
    Hope all went well with the dr's appt. Would be happy to send something to your aunt too if she'd like..


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