Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weekly Challenge #17 Fifteen Minutes of Fame Slideshow

sorry to keep you all waiting... thanks for your patience.... life with 2 little ones can be pretty crazy.

wow.  there were some - let's say 'intense' - reactions to this challenge.  It seemed that quite a few of you found it too stressful.  i agree, that watching the clock was not very zen.  But then a few of you said that you tried again with an eye to simplicity and found it much more enjoyable.

I have to be honest - that even though i did keep checking the clock, i really felt less stress posting my timed contribution than i did posting my Egg contribution - for the simple reason that i knew going in that it wasn't going to be 'pretty', that my tile would be rushed and that THAT was okay.  I really found the sense of freedom making an 'unpretty' tile.

While preparing this week's tile, i agonized over lines that looked funny and patterns that didn't turn out as i planned because i felt pressure to make it look 'pretty'.

Other than feeling stressed about the timer, what did you learn? anything?


  1. I am blown away by some of the zens!! Wow!! I was very stressed on my first one (and it showed)...but I did it again and liked my results...I am always up for a challenge and this was a good one!!! Thanks! Take care of those little ones and don't worry about a time frame...I think you are fabulous for even attempting this with babies!!!

  2. I learned that simple is okay and zen will come if you just free yourself from the limitations of time. Perfection is not necessary to find joy in tangling!

  3. I learned that in some things "working under pressure" doesn't work for me. I seem to lose myself in tangling and when I set a countdown clock, knowing that an alarm would sound, I let go of time and just drew. Funny, though, several of my first (longer) attempts really felt good while drawing so it was a good challenge. But I'll stick to my untimed methods from now on! :-)

  4. I enjoyed being reminded that over-working something can kill its energy and that being lighter - in mind, hand and time - is not necessarily negative and can lead to its own pleasant result.

  5. I learned that I really do take much more than 15 minutes to do even small work a lot of the time. But also just how much can be done in 15 minutes. And exactly what ledenzer said.

  6. Thank you for your comment, Laura. I did not take part, because I found it too pressing, but I think, limiting the time is a different kind of steping back and finding freedom.

  7. Hey,

    I missed the last two challenges, I will catch up in a few weeks again.

    I have been busy!

    I did nominate you for the versatile blogger award, because your challenges are so versatile!

  8. Some really great tangles here this week.. I realized that I do take awhile thinking about what I'm going to do (possibly even over but was happy to see what I could do in a short time, and which tangles that I am the most confident with.
    No worries about the time frame.. Hope everyone is feeling better now.. Happy Easter!

  9. I learned that setting time limits, like quick gesture drawing, does set you free creatively. you aren't so concerned with the end result and so your work is more spontaneous and not "overthunk."


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