Thursday, May 19, 2011

This post is for Cindy

Cindy sent me an email saying she would have liked to see my getup for the man show that i talked about in my last post

so here they are... Friday i wore a purple corset with a green pencil skirt, fishnets, and zippered stilettos...  Saturday i wore a skull and crossbones corset, a white ruffled mini skirt, extra large fishnets and my sexy boots...  Good times.  

Friday Night

I have nice legs

Red lipstick!!

extra large fishnets and nice legs

The whole Saturday night getup

AND I JUST HAD A BABY!! Can i get a HELL YEAH!??!?!


  1. A big Hell Yeah for a hot mama chick!

  2. If anyone could be really cool and really hot at the same time....that would be you! Hope you had a great time of it all. You ought to deign some uber sexy skivvies for new Moms.....zunderwear? m


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