Monday, May 2, 2011

Weekly Challenge #20

Happy Monday everyone!
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Can you believe it? This is the TWENTIETH Weekly challenge!! This calls for a Celebration!! And isn't that thoughtful of their Royal Highness's to celebrate my twentieth challenge by giving us all such a LUSCIOUS FEAST for the eyes??

I did NOT stay up all night to watch the wedding, because i value what little sleep i get. but i did watch it the next morning.

i'm not much of a Royalist, as some Canadians are, but who could deny the Fairy Tale Romance of a commoner marrying her Prince Charming.

When Charles and Diana were married i was only 1 - so i don't remember so much about that day... but thanks to cable i got to see clips of it for the whole week leading up to the big day.... One things for sure, you can TELL that William and Kate are in loooooooooove....

Can i just say that was the longest wedding aisle ever?
holy toledo.

I have never had the fortune of walking around in Westminster Abbey, but luckily for me - the televised Wedding gave us all kinds of close ups and angles of amazing views complete with all sorts of tangles, from the most obvious Knightsbridge on the floor to Poke Root on the lapel Princess Catherine's brother.

And not to mention all the crazy hats.

there were some cah-RAY-zee hats.

Some of the highlights for me were when William was making his way to the alter to await his bride, and you can see him suppress his nervous smile... his posture is perfect as always, but he clenches and unclenches his fists as he walks and gives away how excited/nervous he really is.

Another favourite moment is when Kate arrives and he looks at her and says: "You look beautiful" followed shortly after by him saying to Kate's dad: "This was supposed to be a small family affair, sorry" cheeky!

Can you imagine being Kate's mom or dad in that moment... what is going through their head? "My daughter will someday be my Queen?"


It really was quite amazing....  A lovely day, a romantic tale, a gorgeous dress, a handsome prince, a beautiful princess...  what an historic event.

And now, let's tangle!!

Weekly Challenge #20: "Royal Wedding"

Take from this whatever inspiration comes to you. There are more than enough patterns in West Minster Abbey, to be sure.  There's the lace of the Princess's sleeves, the braid on Prince Harry's uniform, the flowers, the archways... the possibilities are endless.

If you've been under a rock and didn't see any of the coverage of the Royal Wedding, you can see it here on Youtube - this link is the Royal Channel's online broadcast of the wedding in it's entirety, just over an hour or so...

or, if you need some more inspriation you can check out this slideshow of stills that i took from the Wedding feed.

And in a Diva Weekly challenge FIRST - i will be submitting MY entry later this week... i really want to see what you all come up with... and also, my tile's not done.  (Shame on me!)

Bring on the Royal Tangles!

the fine print:

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  1. What a great slide show you put together! I watched the entire wedding and I remember wishing I could freeze frame so many details. But you found even more tangle inspirations. Thank you!

  2. How lovely! What an appropriate inspiration, too, and as the vast majority of us are women, how appealing (our few men can get in touch with their feminine sides for a while! *G*).

  3. Love it!!! I watched most of the wedding (not live! I taped it!!) as I worked on other things. And as I write this I am listening to the demise of evil in the death of bin Laden!!! A time to rejoice!!

  4. Oh the much to see and find inspiration from in the scenes you shared. I am excited and I must say a little overwhelmed. I want to make it be as beautiful as what I see. My first try did not make it.....but then, I have all week. Thanks for the challenge!

  5. Ooooh, I'm looking forward to this one! I wanted to do a tangle for the wedding anyway. This is the perfect opportunity :D

  6. It is hard to believe we're on the 20th Challenge. Keep 'em comming.

  7. So so many Zentangle ideas from the delicate lace to the bold splendour of the day!

  8. this was like inspiration overload :}
    It was kind of difficult to turn the images into tangles. Maybe i had to search for exiting tangles that go with the images but i tried to give an impression of the pavement of my own.

  9. Wow. What a great challenge. It is hard to capture the beauty of the church and the ceremony but I still had fun.

  10. Ditto all of the above Laura. Gee there is enough inspiration in this one for months of drawings!!
    Some people are off researching mosaics...Good on you for doing this.

  11. I got this one started a LOT earlier - great idea, Laura! Thanks! I hope Chewie is better, now.

  12. Had loads of fun, thanks for the slide show, full of inspiration.
    Hope the little one is feeling better. Thank you for bringing such interesting challenges

  13. Hi, well i was thinking royal wedding,with the idea of hearts and scrolls and i ended up with a fanfare of trumpets !!
    Anyway Laura, glad things are picking up for you ...!
    chris richards

  14. This one was tons of fun Laura. Thanks so much for the inspirational slide show! There was so much tangle eye candy.

  15. Thanks for the Challenge Laura, I had so much fun looking at all the photos of the wedding, the hardest part was deciding what to do... there was so much eye-candy!

  16. Very fun, Laura! And the slideshow was really helpful in seeing all the patterns to choose from! thanks!

  17. Mine is not as fancy as some of the others, but nothing can compare to the patterns at the wedding. Gorgeous. Great idea for a challenge. Keep up the good work.

  18. This was a fun one. I enjoyed it.

  19. Okay, gorgeous, you got me again!!! *G*

  20. Another great challenge..thanks... put mine in..kinda got lost on the plan I had for it.. lol

  21. Hats, hats, hats. Fun challenge.

  22. This is my first post of a ZIA on the Internet. I love tangling and love seeing all the beautiful entries and interpretations. I hope you will check mine out.

  23. I knew what I wanted to draw, but I had to find a photo of it first. After looking it up on line, I found many pictures of the tiara worn by Catherine. I chose one from the four drawing I did. It shows what I will remember of the Wedding best of all.
    The Morris slide show is great

  24. Finally got past an obsession point (I *was* going to figure out how to draw a pattern from Westminster...) and got to finish mine. This was fun

  25. Finally found time to get back to the challenges - then proceeded to create a rather strange work. Oh well still good to be back

  26. I knew right away that I was inspired by the hats! Hooray for the hats! I printed out lots of pictures and got to be friends with lots of wild English women. My Zentangle is really weird, but I had so much fun thinking about it, and messing with ideas, that I have this strange affection for it! lol

  27. Whew! This was a tough one for me. I had a very difficult time finding something that lent itself. Ah, well. At least I get to see all the other entries.

  28. This took me a while, or week, to get completed, but once I was able to take the time, found so much inspiration it was a little overpowering. I tried to remember to relax, breathe, and smile! Another interesting challenge.

  29. My pieces were picked from her tiara, her earrings, the medals on the Prince's coat, some of the braiding on his coat, and some of the hats worn by attendees


tangle me some zen, baby!!