Friday, June 10, 2011

Weekly Challenge #22 "A Little Help From My Friends" Slideshow

its been a helluva week.  Artoo has been home for a week, but has been really sick

it took me approximately 4 hours to go through all my emails yesterday and today - but i think things are sorting themselves out and i'm slowly wading through the previous weeks challenge submissions! 

So, without further ado - i give you Challenge #22's slideshow.

ps - please be gentle with me if i missed you or if i spelled anything wrong...


  1. Hang in the Laura! Thank you for doing this blog!

  2. Thank you once again for the terrific show!!! Know that good vibes are heading your way for you and yours from all over the world!!! Take care!!

  3. Thanks, Laura. And thanks to this community of tanglers for participating. Each week is more joyous than the last!

  4. wow, such amazing talent in that slide show!


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