Saturday, January 21, 2012

Voting has started!

Hey Ya'll!
so voting for the most fascinating blog has started and runs until the 26th.  If you feel so inclined to casting your vote for me, you can click on the button on the right.

Don't get overwhelmed, there are 100 nominees.  Yikes!!  And the order of the nominees is randomly generated each time the pages is opened so i can't even say - i'm number 27!

But you can do a quick search using CTRL F and searching for iamthediva.

Thanks everyone! i appreciate it!  Vote for me, and vote often (if you can)! As president of the Internet i promise to give you more Zentangle challenges!! and to FREE THE LOLCATS!! ;)

Love Laura


  1. True or false...It was 32 degrees below zero (F) in Saskatoon on Tuesday.

  2. Good luck on the blog contest!! My vote is in!! And will do more as often as I can!

  3. My votes in...... Best of luck.

  4. Good luck Laura, My vote is in as well.
    I hope you will win !

  5. Good Luck Laura. I sent in my vote for you.

  6. I voted yesterday. I'm not sure if you can only vote once per computer or once per 24 hour period... but I'll do what I can to up the totals! Good luck.

  7. Laura, how often can we vote? Can I vote from multiple computers? I looked through the rules, but didn't find any info on this.
    Best Wishes!!!!!!!!!! I've voted once, but I want to vote MORE! You deserve to be at the TOP.
    Amy in TN (Tanglefish)

  8. Susan the answer is false. It was -32 degrees (C)or -25.6F on Tuesday with windchill making it feel like -50C or -58F.

  9. Voted! I'm going to my mom's house this evening and I'll vote again from her computer. :)


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