Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let's Get Serious for a Minute

Hey everyone,
I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about something serious.

I want to talk about blog-text-lifting...or how it's more commonly known as: "Plagiarism".

As i randomly wandered through the internet this morning, i came across something disturbing when i read text on another blog site that was lifted directly from my blog.

Now, i know that many of my challenge participants quote directly from my challenge each week on their blogs, but in those cases - it's usually prefaced by: "Laura says on her blog:......" - y'know, give credit where credit is due, etc.

This was different.  No where on said blog was there any indication that the words posted were mine.  In fact, if i didn't KNOW that the words were mine - i'd assume that the blog owner had written those words themselves, which may or may not have been their intention. (i'm hoping not)

After the initial frustration period was over, i guess i had to assume that this would happen sooner or later.  In some way, i almost feel as though i've 'arrived' as a blogger.  Someone is passing off my work as their own.


i don't really have a solution to this problem except to ask my readers to please NOT steal content from my blog.  And if you happen to read something from my blog somewhere else - please let me know, or leave them a comment saying you liked it better when you read it on my blog.  I don't want to start any conflict, especially since we have created such loving and giving community here.  I guess i'm just saying; let's have each others' backs, here. 

i work hard on my blog.
i know you all do too.

(getting off soap box)


  1. You are right. Give credit to those wo deserve it. Sometimes somethings is said so well, that refrasing it seems almost impossible. Then copy and credit! Your blog is amazing, and I can only imagine how much work it is.... Because I still haven't started mine... Yet. It's good to step up sometimes. But glad you stepped down too ;)

  2. :( Disheartening. I saw another example of this with my own eyes back in January. A blogger stole a craft tutorial from a blog I follow - copied and pasted it word for word, picture for picture onto her own blog and called it her own. Never gave one word of credit to the original author and creator. And the photos were of the original artist's own daughter! I left a comment calling her out on the theft, but my comment disappeared the next day. Then, she had the gall to copyright the tutorial. Very frustrating. What do you do? (((love you))), Laura!

  3. Laura, I'm sorry this has happened to you! We all know how important your site is to us. I hope this issue will resolve itself. I'd hate to see this site get shut down.
    Take care!!

  4. That's a horrid thing to happen... hope you left a pointed comment!!!??

  5. GGrrrr! That is so unfar, and I'm so sorry it happened to you. Your blog is wonderful and only you deserve the credit.

  6. If you haven't already, I hope you are able to contact the person(s) guilty of plagiarism. You work too hard... and it would be a shame for the plagiarism to continue. And hope this does not hinder your free spirit and generous attitude.

  7. This is such a shame. I try really hard to call out and credit plus add hyperlinks so anyone reading my blog can go back to the source. Since I do the challenges, yours appears pretty regularly for me. You've done a marvelous job with your blog and I hope this was an isolated instance. If I ever miss a link or credit - let me know ASAP so I can get it corrected :-)

  8. Hi Laura, just wanna say I'm as shocked as the others. This is just stealing and although I know it happens, to actually hear it happened to you, it's so mean. It was a good thing to get serious for a while and share with us. These are the things that we have to deal with too, unfortunately. And it keeps us sharp to watch out for people stealing from your blog. Big hug, Maureen

  9. I think (hope) it's gradually changing, but a lot of people out there think the Internet is one big free-for-all. And I mean that literally: FREE, for ALL. It IS a dilemma of sorts; it means they LIKE you... but they did STEAL!
    Ann and Laura, in such cases the guilty blogs/bloggers can be reported to the host (blogger, wordpress, etc.) I would do it.

  10. Hi Laura! When I read this I was so surprised and sad! Today, I was reading on someone's blog about a prompt that sounded really familiar to me - wow! it was mine - word for word - how awful this feels! I hope that with you wonderfully worded post here - that folks (I don't think they realize what they're doing) will be more careful and give credit where it is due. Thanks for all you do - we appreciate you soooo much. Patty, CZT - 4 http://ptrish40-zekesden.blogspot.com/


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