Friday, April 27, 2012

Just a quick note....

hey folks,
i just wanted to share this website with you - It's called Blitsy, and they sell discounted art and craft supplies.  they have a pretty great referral program, too...

i got these ^ paints using referral dollars - which is really awesome.  Cuz, who couldn't use cheap or free art supplies? I could.  anyway, for the rest of the week - any friend you sign up gets you $1 in referral dollars (if any of those friends make a purchase, you get $10 referral dollars).  And normally, i wouldn't post this here - except that lately it's come down to Diapers vs Paint in my house.... and the diapers win out every time. 

Happy weekend everyone!
Love Laura

PS - my foot feels much better now, thanks everyone for all the well wishes.


  1. so if I signed up how DO YOU get $1 in credits?? I just signed up but didn't see any way to let them know. I'll follow up. thanks for this, too. glad your foot is mending.

  2. Yes! i got your referral. :D thank you!!


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