Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Weekly Challenge #58: Diamonds Slideshow

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 This is the slideshow from way back in February - Challenge #58 which you may remember was in honor of The Four Diamond Fund which raises money to fight pediatric Cancer.

Well, I wanted to share with you the email that i got from Diana, the host of this challenge, regarding the end results of THON:

Hi Laura,

Just wanted to give you the total amount raised in THON this year (as part of Zentangle Challenge #58).  Thought you might want to post it on your blog as a follow-up.

Here we go.  Remember, this is just students who run THON:

Are you ready?
I was.  My husband was not:

It still blew me away:

Yes, you read that number right.  In THON's 40th year, over $10-and-a-half million dollars.
This amount is $1 million more than last year.

WOW!! That's incredible!!
If anyone was still interested in donating their tile, please contact Diana.


  1. Thanks for posting my reply, Laura. The amount raised still blows me away. Reember, that number is for *this year only.* Not only that, but this is an amazing slideshow. This whole thing still makes me teary eyed. Thank you, thank you everyone who participated!! Diana Hirsch


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