Monday, July 16, 2012

a quickie

Hey all,
do a quick scroll down for this week's challenge... i just wanted to say a quick hello from STEAMY Philadelphia.  The conference was amazing, we've been having a great time, peppered with crazy meltdowns - from both boys... yikes. 

the weather here is gorgeous and sunny

we took in a trolly tour today and saw some of the 3000 amazing murals in this city and i took lots of pictures which i will share when i return.

I just wanted to thank Rho again for today's challenge, and also to remind you that VOTING for the Fascinating blogs has opened and you can vote for me by clicking the button over there on the right (make sure you click the one that says 2012)

talk soon, my dear internet family!



  1. Besides enjoying your blog, I'm always looking for ways to do zentangling in different places or media . .

    I am not affiliated, and won't post a link, but you can look up Artist idea boards on Kickstarter. Portable whiteboard portfolios, and the mini is sized for a laptop bag . . . they will eventually have transparent overlays of grids, calendars, etc, although there's a transparent overlay for each whiteboard page anyway. I was thinking this would be a neat tool for zentangling, esp. coming up with new ones because you erase anything that doesn't work. I'll be using it to draw out directions, photograph and organize from there; doing directions is the time in zentangling when you most need to be able to keep things accurate (I won't say mistakes lol).

    Besides which we'll use it for all sorts of other things. Anyway, I'm not trying to spam, I genuinely think you may find this interesting and useful.

    I'm still plugging away with my ZT'd sobriety tags. 8^D

  2. I can't find where to vote for you! I clicked on the 2012 badge and I saw the link to the Zentangle teachers but I can't find where to vote for your actual blog??

  3. We had a good time with the challenge, I'm glad you did too. Welcome back!


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