Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Share the cup, share the love

Looking for this week's Zentangle Challenge?  Find it here!

A little over two years ago, i made the big trip down to the Boston area to become a Certified Zentangle Teacher.   As thrilling as it was to become Certified, i was almost, if not MORE, excited to finally meet my blog-sistah Teeni!  We had been following each others blogs for years, so it was pretty sweet to meet in real life.

i wrote about it here, if you're so inclined, but the short story is: She's just as awesome in real life as she is on the interweb.

ANNNNYWAY - She writes a blog called Aunty's Tea Room, and she recently (re-)started a feature called the Blog Friendship Cup.

Tea Cup of Friendship - sans decoration

So, the idea of the cup is to fill it with goodies for the bloggy friend who wins it, and then to add your own creative touch to the cup before passing it on.   It's based on a Friendship Box that was making it's way around the blogosphere but then disappeared.  Before it disappeared, though, i followed it's progress, trying to win it - but alas, i never did.  So when Teeni re-vamped the box to a cup and put it up for grabs, i tried to win and sadly - i didn't.  but that's okay!  Instead, it found it's way to Sharon, in BC

You can see what Sharon did to add her creative flare here

When Sharon put the cup up for grabs, i tried to win it...and won!! WOOT WOOT!!  I got the news just before we left for Philadelphia, and a few days after we returned from our trip the cup was here!

Here's what was inside!!

Here's the cup!

It's all you need.

Chewie has claimed the lion, he's named him Collum.  The hippo is Artoo's.

Sharon put one of my tiles onto a magnet! So cute!!

An adorable mini book of quotes, love it.

Some nick-naks for crafting

And a tasty bag of Skittles, she couldn't have known - but they're my favourite!!
And i'm sure you're all DYING to see how i altered the cup... bottoms up!!
Mandala - because the pens were too big to do a Zendala
To see what i've put in it, you'll have to either win it - or follow the Cup's Progress here

Anyway, if you think you'd like a crack at winning the cup - please read the rules and enter below in the comments.  I will draw one random name by Wednesday August 22nd.  If you'd like a second entry, post about it on your blog then add the URL in a separate comment. 

  1. You have 3 weeks from when you receive The Blog Friendship Cup to pass it on to one other blog buddy. You can choose a blog buddy by having a contest on your blog and asking for willing participants.  Remember to please choose a KNOWING and WILLING participant.  They must have the time and means to participate.  Also, keep in mind that postage costs a bit of money and that may be a hardship for some people.  Also, your recipient must have a blog on which they can post about the cup at the time they receive it, because we are nosy and want to follow it on its travels!
  2. Before you pass on The Blog Friendship Cup, you must alter it in some creative way – like painting, adding a ribbon or button or sequins, but only ONE application can be applied at one time by any blogger. So you can’t paint it AND add buttons, etc.
  3. Before you pass on The Blog Friendship Cup, you must place a small gift inside. This may be a joke gift, a handmade item, a nonperishable good, a poem of your own, etc.
  4. Before you pass on The Blog Friendship Cup, you must take a photo of it (if you have a camera). Then you must write a blog entry on your blog so everyone can see the way it changes in appearance. You must also include the links of all the past blogs that the box has visited.
  5. The Blog Friendship Cup MAY be sent to the same person more than once. However, it cannot go back and forth between the same people. So, there must be at least a total of 5 different people on the list of links before sending it to someone who has already had it.
This is a photo for Zachary who asked how big the cup was.... here it is, hope this pic helps with scale


  1. How fun! I'll throw my name in the hat and see what happens... How big is this cup? It's hard to tell from the photos!

  2. Yee-haaaaw! This is awesome! Love Sharon's little stuffed animals! And I am in awe of your Mandala! It is fabulous! Goodness, it would be neat to see the cup get into a male's hands, especially one who can zentangle (just checked out Zack's link), but I also know my buddy Annebella wants a crack at this cup so I'm gonna have to get my post up and let her know to get her butt over here and enter! This is so exciting! :)

  3. Oh, and I LOVE the photo of you with the cup! Awesome! Plus, good idea to give an idea of the size. It really is kind of a large cup but all the more room for goodies, right? :)

  4. This sounds like fun! Put my name in the cup . . .ah, hat. Do you keep all the goodies inside and add more or just add one? This is a neat idea!

    1. Hey Cathy,
      you keep what's in the cup - but you have to fill it again before you pass it on.

  5. I'll jump in :o)

    What happens when the cup is completely decorated/full? Does it go back to the lady who started it, or does she draw from the names of all of the participants? Just curious; I'm in regardless of the outcome.

    1. That's an excellent question... hm.... i'll ask.

  6. I responded on FB but I should probably answer here since it will save you from copying and pasting. The last friendship box kind of stalled after visiting about 12 people so I never considered what would happen if it got completely covered. I guess I would love to get the cup back if that happens but I don't want to be selfish. So if anyone has any ideas, I'm open to them. Oh, and I would definitely start a new cup - maybe one that looks different, when we get to that point. I just love the idea of a cup being out there, bringing cheer and little treasures to everyone it meets. :)

  7. I also just want to add that it is a shame to put that cup down now, when you can't see the Mendala. It always needs to be tipped as if drinking from it now. LOL. :)

  8. Hi Laura!
    The cup sounds like a lot of fun - Please enter me in the drawing! Thank you!

  9. I think it's fair for the cup to go back to Teeni, since she's the one who started it. We do get to keep its contents, after all.

  10. Thank you Sandy. My only problem with that is that somewhere down the line, someone is going to have to send it back to me when they might have wanted to send it to someone else. Maybe I can politely issue a recall for it when it gets completely decorated and pay for the shipping back to me? I don't know. Ideas welcome.

    1. Hmm... maybe you could set the final number of recipients now, so when it starts to get close to the end of its journey people will already know. Have Laura put a piece of paper in the cup that says 'X more people before the cup goes back to the originator' and then every person who gets it after her can reduce the number by one. When someone gets a slip of paper that says no more stops, it goes back to you.

    2. I like that idea, Sandy! Maybe I will wait a few turns to see how quickly it starts to get decorated. It is hard to say now how many more people it should visit. But as it starts looking more covered, I can then say only five more stops before returning to me. Thank you!!!

  11. I think you could pull rank Teeni once it's covered - you started it after all! Maybe make a rule that every 10th pass has to come back to you so you can consider if it's finished and keep it, or decide there's more could be done and pass it on?

    Throwing my name in btw, but I'm UK based so if the postage price is a problem don't worry!

  12. I would love to throw my hat in for the chance to decorate this wonderful cup. Love your Zendala bottom. That's one hefty cup... I can hardly wait to see the results!

  13. Ooooh, pick me, pick me! I like this idea, it looks like a lot of fun. That certainly is a big cuppa, and I also love your zendala. Nice work. ~Jane CZT6

  14. Oh, Oh, Oh! I am having a Horshack moment here waving my hand in the air wildly. That would be lots of fun. I am nearly at my 1 year blog anniversary and that would be a great thing to host on such an auspicious occasion.

  15. I just blogged about it in my weekly challenge post! two birds with one post! http://cutnitup.blogspot.com/2012/08/one-old-friend-one-new-adversary.html

  16. ugh. My reply post just deleted. Here it goes again: I've made ATCs for over a year now. It's common courtesy to send the traded card along with a nice card and extra stuff, usually paper scraps (scrapbook, music sheets, foreign text, etc). I already have ideas for this, so please add me to the fun!

  17. I wouldn't mind joining in on the fun...throw my name into the mix, please!

  18. I did a post on my website! Two entries better than one (crosses fingers, and toes, and eyes). I'll try to link it to my name, but my computer doesn't always play well with Blogger. Here it is: http://wp.me/pASgH-1et
    Diana Hirsch

  19. I would love to be a part of this. Please, Please, Please throw my name into the hat. I have a homeschool blog( sorta, I am slightly techno challenged) I am working on setting up a crafting Blog, and this would be a most excellent way to break my new blog in. I'd love to share my new blog's name, but until I open for business, I must keep my lips sealed. I would love to add some more LOVE to the cup!!! It would be an honor. I hope I got my comment in in time.


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