Sunday, September 30, 2012

Weekly Challenge SLIDESHOW!!


i'm so excited to tell you....

I have a totally AWESOME and AMAZING partner in crime....

an WONDERFUL and FANTASTIC person who is totally helping me get the Slideshows....


See, back when i started this challenge, Chewie was 2 and Artoo was only a little tiny baby, and the challenge averaged about 20 submissions per week... no sweat.  But now, Artoo is almost 2, Chewie is 4 and the challenge averages about 90 submissions a week!! EEK!! what used to take me about a half hour to organize grew to colossal proportions, and i couldn't be happier.

i just couldn't keep up.

Over the course of the last year, i've had a few people offer to help me with the slideshow, and i appreciated the offers, but i guess - this time, it felt like i had to give up some of the control i'm so fond of, and i was actually SERIOUSLY contemplating doing away with them all together....when it happened.

Ladies and gentlemen, let's all give a uproar of applause for Suzanne Wilka, CZT of Tinkered Art Studio!! She has volunteered to collect and upload images for each week's challenge and inadvertently saved the challenge slideshows.  yay!!!!

(If you don't have a blog or upload onto a site like flickr or picassa, you can still email your tiles to me)

i'm so thrilled, you don't even understand.

so over the past couple of weeks, she and i have worked out a way through numerous emails to keep the slideshow from continuously falling by the wayside. (my bad)


without further ado, i give you:

Weekly Challenge #87: "Pinwheels v 2.0" Slideshow!
if you have trouble viewing this slideshow, you can see the gallery here

thanks again Suzanne!!


  1. Awesome work tanglers, and a special tank you to Suzanne and the Diva who make the challenges fun and keep us all inspired.

  2. My compliments, great work together.

  3. i love it, i love it, i love it. Thanks, great job

  4. Yay! That was so awesome to see everyone's work! Thanks Laura and Suzanne!!

  5. Amazing job, thank you so much!

  6. What a fantastic slideshow! The art is spectacular. Thank you, Suzanne, for taking this on for Laura and for all of us! Thank you Laura for all you have done to unite and to motivate tanglers with the weekly challenges!

    I am especially blown away by the pinwheel art...I was unable to get one completed in time for the challenge (what a crazy week that was for me!), but I'm so delighted that Laura devoted that week's challenge to Pinwheels for Peace.

  7. yay!!! i have missed the slideshows so thank you for making this happen :)

  8. well done! Call out for help whenever you need it!

  9. Hurray! That IS good news. Thanks Suzanne! And of course Laura for doing it in the first place. :D

  10. I agree, it is fun to see them all together. I am glad Suzanne can help you out Laura, and we love the challenges that you give us!


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