Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekly Challenge #92 "Stripes v 2.0" Slideshow

if you have trouble viewing this slideshow, you can see the online album here.

I must say, i find it so fascinating that something so seemingly simple can yield such beautiful results.  That's the beauty of Zentangle. 

Oh, and also - i wanted to point out that in this slideshow are tiles by my two youngest students to date - Annika and Emry!  I dusted off the old easel and taught a class last week, and those two took to tanglin' like ducks to water. :)


  1. Gorgeous work by all! Love these slideshows--so much easier to see what everyone's done without having to individually click on each site and wait for it to load...brilliant!

  2. Excellent selection of slides! With great pleasure watching them!


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