Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Challenge #98

Happy Monday everyone!
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Hello everyone!

Can you believe it's December already?  Hard to believe that there are only 22 sleeps until the Fat Man cometh.  Chewie hasn't really got that it's Christmas yet, but we hope to put up our tree this week, so i'm sure we'll be in Festivus Full Force by this time next week.

Artoo is doing really well, this week, which is a real relief.  I managed to get in a full week of work too, so that was good.

However, it was finally poor little Chewie's turn to be sick.  He has strep throat.  :(
He should be feeling better soon, though, once those antibiotics kick in.  The weather has been pretty miserable lately and we tried to get out to my inlaws for supper and had to turn around and drive home.  Better to be safe.
Brutal weather

B-rad and I took a mini road trip BY OURSELVES (SQUEEE) this weekend to see our friend, Amber (hi Amber!), perform in her community Dinner Theatre.

Ryan and Amber used to live here in town and we hung out a lot.  Our kids are pretty close in age, and we all just get along so well and have such a great time together.  They are awesome.  A few years ago they moved out to a farm about an hour and a half away, so we don't see them NEARLY as much as we'd like.

On our way....why... Hello sir.
The play was so funny, and it was great to see our friends.  We had tried several times to get out there during the summer but it never worked out.

Coffee and Baileys, Good Friends, The Doors, and My Man.  Good times.

The kids were great for my mom, so we had a relaxing lounge and an amazing breakfast and then we drove back.  The hoar frost was amazing, the trees were so beautiful.  B-rad stopped the car so i could take this pic, cuz he's super sweet like that.

Probably the BEST part of winter in Saskatchewan

All in all, it was a pretty good week.

Weekly Challenge #98: "UMT v. XI: Keenees"

As some of you know, the first Monday of each month is a Use My Tangle challenge, where we all take a crack at one of the tangles created by YOU!  (You can submit your tangle using the tab above, please read carefully to ensure that your tangle follows the guidelines)

This month's Use My Tangle challenge comes courtesy of Donna Hornsby, CZT.  I really like this tangle, it's so simple and so fun.

You can see instructions for this tangle here - and maybe this summery tangle will warm up your week!
Happy Tangling!
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  1. It sounds like you had a great week....all except for Chewie, and I am happy for you. Thanks you for the UMT challenge and to Donna for the fun pattern! Keenee looks fantastic in your tile!

  2. I'm glad you had a better week despite Chewie's illness. I hope those antibiotics kick in quickly so he's feeling better. That snowy picture is beautiful!

    Thanks for a fun challenge. I had seen this pattern a long time ago and had forgotten about it. This was a fun one!

  3. I Love your wintery pictures....we will have to live winter through you as we are sure not getting is not going to be a White Christmas here I fear!! Sounds like you had a great and all!!

  4. Keenees was a nice change of pace. Great tile!

  5. Thanks for the challenge! Hadn't done keenees in a while (cuz I couldn't get it to look right mostly)LOL! But I tried it again (being inspired by those who'd already posted) and am happier. :D

  6. This week I zentangled earlier:

  7. Wow - lots of links, very few comments. Sounds like you had a nice a nice week. Love your photos, but I'm glad I didn't take them in my back yard. We had almost 60 degrees last week. SO nice. I'm glad my book is getting close to done so I have time to get back to your challenges.

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  10. I tried to make the tangle a little more intesting, and I love the color blue, so the two colided!! :-)

  11. Great challenge, and a good adventure for you, too. I think your frosty winter picture is a nature tangle. Beautiful!

  12. Working backwards through the past challenges. Here's mine:

  13. Please remove my # 91, it had the wrong link ... sorry for the mix-up, and thanks! #92 is the right link! :)


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