Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And the Winner is....

Last week, in Challenge #109 - you had the second challenge of coming up with a name for the presented technique!

there were some really creative entries, i wasn't sure how Maria was going to decide... but she did...

She sent this in an email:
 This was so much fun.......seeing everyone's take on this technique.

In going through all the suggestions,   I liked
"ROMAN"   from Cheryl R (crotnem)
"ALANANCY"  from Margaret Bremner
So I decided they both win and we combine them and call it


sounds like Romance and gives a gentle nod to Nancy and the Italian connection  (even though it was Siena, Italy. . . ..I can get past that!)
So we wil send something along to both ladies

Congratulations to Cheryl and Margaret!!
Please send me your snail mail addresses to lauraharmz ( a t ) gmail ( d o t ) com

And thanks for everyone who suggested a name!
Everyone have fun with Romanancy!!


  1. Congratulations ladies. I think the name is very appropriate, and will be enjoyed for years to come. Great job of choosing, Maria! That couldn't have been easy. BethB

  2. Thanks so much to Maia for choosing me to be co person with the new name!! I am honored!!!


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