Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekly Challenge #114

Happy Monday everyone!
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Happy Monday!

Well, it seems that little Chewie took a few days to get over the excitement of spending last weekend with his cousins at the wedding, because THIS happened last week on Monday:

Sleeping cuteness
I don't remember the last time Chewie napped on the couch, but given that he was partying with the best of 'em until 10pm and then having a giant sleep over with his cousins, it's not surprising that he was pooped.

It was kind of an 'exciting' week for us here, and by exciting, i mean that we made it out of the house 3 times this week.  Now that i'm no longer working, i am able to get Artoo to his therapies and appointments with a lot more regularity.  So we had a few this week.

I had a rehearsal for a fundraiser that i'm singing in on the 20th.  I haven't sang in public in a loooong time (aside from tipsy karaoke, which i don't think counts).  For those of you who don't know - my online handle has been iamthediva for a long time, almost 15 years or so, and i went to University to study music.  Singing, in fact.  I'm a light lyric soprano. ;)

But, after my University days were over... not counting the odd performance here or there for a wedding, it's been a long time since i've had to rehearse and memorize a song.  But, my good friend from my Uni days came a callin' and i just couldn't say no... PLUS the two songs i'm singing are soooo much fun.  (Whatever Lola Wants, and Little Girls)  I love Whatever Lola Wants, but it's been my DREAM to be Miss Hannigan from Annie ever since i was the AGE of Annie.  Who wants to be the Little Orphan Annie when you could be Miss Hannigan?  And i realized after rehearsal, that i'm FINALLY the right 'age' to play Miss Hannigan.  Oh, my thirties, i've waited so long for this.  Should be fun.


here's some more pics:
there are no words to express how much i love this drawing
I had been pretty grumpy this week - and it was reflected in this drawing that Chewie did for me.  It reminds me of Grumpy Cat
there are about eighteen photos like this on my phone.  Artoo has a cute forehead.

The rest of his face is pretty adorable
 I don't know what the weather has been like in your part of the world... but here in Saskatchewan, it's been.. ridonkulous.

Mid April, and there is still SOO much snow.  This week, i got sick of the cabin fever happening in our house, and this happened:

am i not the best mom ever?
The weather is finally mild enough to play outside, but there was NOWHERE to play.   I dug through 2.5 feet of snow to make a path to the play centre, and dug out the swing and the slide so that this child could spend time outside.  So far, he's spent about 30-45 minutes a day, playing outside... by himself.  it's been GLORIOUS, and totally worth the hour and a half it took to do.

Sir Chewie, the Adorable
Chewie was the Special helper at Preschool this week, so that means that his mother got to come and be the helper parent (that's me!).  It was a pretty fun morning.

Weekly Challenge #114: "You with the Stars in your Eyes - Stars v 2.0"
The last time i did a star challenge was 110 challenges ago.  Challenge #4 was a Star challenge, and truthfully, i think it's time to revisit!  You should go take a look at that old post, there's a super cute photo of Chewie holding a "zentango" from back when he was only 2.... aww....

Also, following the 'template' of challenge #4, here's a youtube video that inspired my challenge title:

y'know, a lot of my challenge titles are inspired by songs... that's why i'm the diva. ;)

for this challenge, be inspired by stars.  Whatever that means to you.  if you'd like some inspiration, search for images of 5 sided stars on google images, or 6 sided, or 7 sided, or 8, or 9, or 10, or 11, or 12!

i had such a great time looking at pictures of stars this afternoon, here are a few that i saved...

5 sides! (source)

6 sides! (source)

8 sides! - Ohio Star
i'm sure you quilters will be all over this... (source)

9 sides! (source)

10 sides! (source)

Aren't those fun?

As for me, i chose a Six sided star and it just begged to be filled with paradox.  I just used the Two Triangles technique to draw it, like a Star of David. 

you, with the Stars in your eyes...

Go forth!
And "Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you'll land among the stars" - Les Brown

which makes me think of this:
heh heh heh
and also this:

Have fun!
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  1. Congratulations, Miss Hannigan! Little girls, little girls, everywhere I go... I can see them... :-) Annie was my favorite movie when I was a kid.

    This will be a fun challenge. I feel lots of auraknot coming on!

    1. I know, i foresee a lot of Auraknot as well. ;)

  2. Laura, I want you to know that each Monday I wake up to the joy of looking at the new challenge, it is not just the challenge that I love, it is also the wonderful post that comes with it! I love seeing a snapshot of your life. I would love to hear a soundtrack of your voice as you sing, especially "Little Girls"! Thanks for the challenge and the stretching it always requires. The challenge will be to come up with something as spectacular and gorgeous as your tile and not copy what you have done!

    1. LeeAnn,
      You're so sweet.
      Maybe i'll see if i can convince B-rad to film my songs with his phone?

  3. Laura, as always, I could hardly wait to see the challenge this week. I always enjoy them, and they have pushed me out of my comfort zone many times (a very good thing.) It's so good to hear that you're all getting out more, and hopefully all that snow will soon disappear. I am so thrilled for you about being asked to sing, and I hope you just get that Diva attitude going, and have a ball!

  4. Laura, thanks for the great challenge. It was a lil difficult, as I am going back and doing all of the challenges I missed early on, and I recently did the 1st star challenge.

    On a side note more kids need moms like you. Shoveling out the swing-set...Amazing.

  5. A great challenge, AGAIN. I like your tile with Paradox a lot, I was planning to use Paradox, but decided to do something else because of yours.
    This afternoon we went out and when we came home one of teh first things was looking if the challenge was allready there. Like so many tanglers my Mondays are Diva Days.
    Thanks again for this challenge and also for sharing photo's and stories of your family.

  6. I always look forward to Mondays, and another challenge, and I enjoy hearing about your week. I can't believe you still have that much snow! I didn't realize how deep it was until I looked at the slide! Hopefully it will start melting soon. It's exciting that you'll be performing, I would love to hear you sing!

    An YOU, you are indeed among the best of 'em!
    This challenge does scream "auraknot" at me....but it's one of those tangles that, however much I love it, it doesn't seem to love me back a whole bunch. So I'll see where it takes me. But heck - I like stars :)

  8. What a great challenge! I'm so enjoying the stupendous variety of results on a single theme. Like Roy, I'm so new I'm going back to view and try older challenges. I can't wait to find a course some weekend in either S'toon or Calgary (I'm in Edm and there are no CZTs that I can find). Thanks again!

  9. Not so inspired - but fun anyway... :-)

  10. Fun challenge Laura, it was fun to go back and revisit #4. Love what everyone is doing with their stars. Chewie's grumpy cat drawing is the best, zombie carrot is hard to beat, and Artoo's forhead is the sweetest!

  11. I had too much fun with this. I love the Chewie nap photo. Sweetness x100!
    Thanks for a fun challenge, Laura.

  12. I love your tangle! The soft corners of your star, the perfection of paradox, everything is beautiful! Love your photos this week too ... Especially the nap photo and the adorable forehead!
    Thanks for the challenge.

  13. Laura you are full of surprises and a star.

  14. I hope we get to see a video of your performance...a woman of multiple talents! You go girl!

  15. Lovely 3D effect on your tile. And, way to go with the shovelling! And, love Sir Chewie. <3 And, thanks again for a great challenge. And, have a ball singing. :)

  16. I have to say sorry first, because I made my entry in the former challenge, uuuups. I think the page went down while I wanted to start writing.

    This was really fun to made. I just let it flow, as it came up to my mind.
    This is my first taking part in a challenge like this so I hope you like the result and it's ok if my first tangles are linked within my pinterest-board until I have a blog for my zentangles :)


  17. Love all your family pics-hope being a stay at home continues to work for your family.
    Loved this challenge--thanks for taking the time for all of us also.

  18. Hi Laura, it's my first time here. Thank you for this wonderful challenge. I just want to say good luck for all, your children are so beautiful and I really admire you for all the things you can do.
    A big hug

  19. Hi, looks like you have had a great week. Now I understand why you are known as the Diva :-)

    Loved the challenge as always. Thank you!!!

  20. Another rockin' challenge! THANK YOU for what you do :)

  21. Pas facile pour moi ce thème au départ...... et puis finalement, je me suis bien amusée ! Merci ! Bises.

  22. surely I'm a bit late for this challenge but nevertheless I enjoyed drawing this star.


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