Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekly Challenge #116

Happy Monday everyone!
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Happy Monday!

The temperatures have finally warmed up around here! Almost all the snow has melted, and we took advantage of the nice weather and tried to play outside a lot this weekend.  Chewie was excited to get back on his bike after almost 7 months of winter.

Cool Rider
We also did some adventuring in the catwalk in our neighbourhood, Chewie was pretending we were pirates and we had to go through Windy Forest.

And we made some time for some EXTREME hop scotch, i don't know if you can tell, but there's a huge gap of fire between blocks 6/7 and 8 that you had to JUMP over to stay alive.

 Artoo has been working on his smiling, i will never ever get sick of photos like this.
He also discovered his brother's slinky - and thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. ;)

everyone loves a slinky!
 This Pooh-Bear suit was Chewie's at one point, it's adorable on anyone.... i wish i had one in my size...
We are so happy that spring is finally here.
Oh, and before i forget - here's that video of me singing last weekend.  The quality's not great, but you get the idea.  (thanks to B-rad for filming it)

Weekly Challenge #116: "Blind Sighted"
I'm revisiting another past challenge - using a blind string. 
i feel that it's good to go back and remind myself that not all my tiles need to be pretty, and sometimes i need to let go and just tangle, to take a deep breath or two, and to centre and not worry about what the outcome of my piece will be.  To find my zen. 

my before tile
 So i started out by doing dots, and border - and before i drew my string, i placed my pencil on the border, closed my eyes - and jumped in.

Finito burrito
I think i was successful, in that i did let go of the outcome and focused on the process.  I will be the first to admit that i'm not wild about the tile, that it's definitely not my 'style', but it was a good exercise.  
Have fun!
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  1. Hey you are WAAAAAY too hard on yourself!! That tile is FUNKY :) love it!
    Am hereby stealing your extreme hopscotch idea - and as for your Artoo smiling - man, what a cute baby. Seriously, SERIOUSLY cute.

  2. The smile of Artoo must be such a great gift in your live!!! He's so lovely when he smiles his whole face lightens up.
    I love the challenge of this week, I need some zen-time right now, maybe you felt it :-)
    Thank you Laura!

  3. How relaxing....I loved the challenge! Your tile is so loose and fun to look at Laura, thank you for the fun! I am so glad you are outside without snow! The boys look so happy!

  4. This isn't my first try in one of your challenges but the first one I put in the Linky machine... very exciting!

  5. Whatever Diva wants, Diva gets!!! loved the video and you have a wonderful voice! Even Artoo knows the words, how cute. I certainly can tell the snow if leaving, your spring spirit is showing. Thank you for sharing your boys and your passion for tangling with us. -r-

  6. I love the video! What a voice! I also love Artoo's smile - how absolutely priceless.

  7. Sunny days and sunny smiles what lovely photos you have taken this week. Artoo has been having a lot of practice with that beautiful smile and it seems that Chewie is having a lot of practice on his bike. I am having trouble hearing the video on the computer so will try again later with headphones attached. Thank you for the challenge this week, it was enjoyable.

  8. You have a lovely voice Laura, and Artoo was great accompaniment! Thanks for yet another challenge!

  9. Terrific job on the singing! Can't imagine doing that before a live audience... in the shower, maybe.

    Glad you finally got some snowless days to play extreme hopscotch. Seems kind of dangerous, though. ;-)

  10. Laura, you amaze and inspire. It's no wonder Artoo has such a beautiful smile.
    Your singing is wonderful, like a broadway star. I'm happy for you that the snow is leaving, bring on spring.

  11. You have another title Laura - Wonder Woman!....Suits you to a T...:)

    Artoo and Chewie look great!...HUGS

  12. OMGosh! Could R2 BE any cuter in his Pooh costume! Just love his new smile!

  13. My first ever challenge! I LOVED it...I have been watching your blog and admiring for ages, you have a beautiful family, and you are an inspiration

    Thank You!

  14. Great challenge to practice new to me tangles or ones I need to practice. Thanks including all of us in your happy family. Love to see your happy boys.

  15. Laura, glad to hear that your snow is almost gone!
    Awesome performance and awesome dress! Thanks for sharing the video!

  16. I agree, that smile is priceless! Wouldn't it be fun to make a book of smiles!! Stock up on your favorites, or all of them, and make a nice book for all of you to share! Mother's Day would be a great time to share it!

  17. Glad you are finally able to get out a little more now. Nice job on your song. Enjoyed listening to it. Also enjoyed this challenge.

  18. Cheers to smiles!
    Laura you are a star!!

  19. Fabulous voice Laura, and, you are LOOKING WONDERFUL!

  20. I just read this week that zentangles should only take about 15 minutes to complete - egads! - no wonder I can't keep up. Mine usually take at least an hour or two. And I have to break that up over two days to get done.

    Do other people really complete a tile in 15 minutes?

  21. I finally got it done! Wow, that one was hard for me. I have been so busy learning with my new job, getting my house ready to pack up to move, and working on my new house to get it ready to move into that I had to make myself take time to finish my tile. Whew. I can at least check one item off my to do list. =)

    Thanks for the challenge!

  22. Whoo hooo.. got it finished on time this week.. this was hard.. it's been a crazy week.. Did you get that freak storm too? pics are great.. sun is wonderful finally.. Thanks...xx


tangle me some zen, baby!!