Monday, May 20, 2013

Gone Fishin' - and a slideshow

Good morning everyone!!
Here in Canada, it's Victoria Day; where we, as part of the Commonwealth, celebrate the birthday of Queen Victoria with a long weekend. 

The challenge will be back Tomorrow!  Have a great Monday!
Happy Birthday, your Majesty... 194 looks good on you.
to tide you over, here's the slideshow for challenge #117

If you have trouble viewing the slideshow you can see the online album here


  1. Amazing, Canada celebrates her birthday but us Brits are still in work! Enjoy your day

    1. Katrina.... AM WITH YOU!!! Mind you, we get two bank holidays in May... Can't complain can't complain ;)

  2. So exciting and interesting to see how this tangle was interpreted by everyone. I love this slideshow!


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