Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge #125

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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Happy Tuesday!!
I hope all my Canadian friends had a wonderful Canada Day Weekend.

B-rad had this past week off, and he's been a busy bee... because this happened...

We knew that our deck needed to be replaced eventually, it was in our home inspection when we bought our house almost 7 years ago.  Last summer, we cut down all the creeper that had grown up onto the deck and discovered that the whole edge of the deck was rotten.  Spongy.  Not safe for my kids to play on, that's for sure. 

So B-rad, with the help of two of his brothers and my dad, put up the new deck last Saturday.  It's still not complete, obviously it needs railing - but also, we are building a second deck to rise up just outside our master bedroom, with the plan to put in a door in our bedroom at some point.  I'm so excited.  The new deck, such as it is, is beautiful, and SO big, and i'm so proud of B-rad.  He designed the deck himself.  he's a smart cookie.

Also, my friend Sabbie came up from Regina and treated me to a night at the Saskatoon Opera, where we saw an AMAZING production of Carmen.  It was so good.  SO good.

This past weekend, B-rad and the boys and i traveled to Southern Alberta for my Grandmother's memorial.  It was our first road trip - on our own, without grandparents to help.  I am pleased to say that my boys were so great.

We took our time getting there, and stopped for ice cream in a small town off the highway... and played in the Worlds Largest Teepee in Medicine Hat.

The Memorial was good.  My dad gave the eulogy, and my grandmother was a very practical and down to earth lady who told it like it was and lived her life without apology.  She may not have said the words, but she loved her family.  One of the things that struck a chord with me in the eulogy:
"There's no such thing as an insult.  If it's true, then it's something you need to work on to change.  If it's not, then it's a lie and you shouldn't worry about it." That's the kind of lady she was.

My grandpa coped pretty well throughout the day.  After the memorial we went back to visit at my Great Aunt and Uncle's place - and when i snapped this picture of him and i, he said to me: "I've kind of been joking and kidding around today... and i think that's helped."  and i think so too.  

The weather was intensely hot and humid, and by the end of the day it looked like it would rain - and it did... for a few minutes.  So we all started packing up our things to go - and just as we were leaving, there was a double rainbow, all the way, across the sky.  Wow! SO INTENSE!! But seriously, the photo obviously doesn't do it justice, but the colours of the rainbow were so vivid, and so bright.  And the family stood on the lawn taking pictures and laughing at the amazing rainbows... and i knew it was my grandma, saying hello.  

Weekly Challenge #125: UMT v. XVIII Birdie Feet
 As some of you know the first Monday of the month is a UMT challenge (Use My Tangle) where i will randomly select a tangle created by one of you for us all to try! if you would like to submit your tangle, please click on the tab UMT above and read the guidelines for submission.

This month's tangle is brought to us by Owl Loving April.

Her tangle is called Birdie Feet and you can find the step-outs here.

For my tile, i added an aura to my little feet, and then sort of crescent mooned around them to add some contrast.

Some of you may know that my OWN personal challenge for this blog is to always use the first tile that i create, and sometimes they are not my favourite.  I have to admit that while creating this tile i was battling the beginnings of a migraine headache, and i wasn't feeling quite so 'zen'.  But there it is, in all it's glory.

have fun trying Birdie's Feet.
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  1. Love the way that it looks layered. Well done! Looks like your deck will be a great hang out spot.

  2. Wow, What an amazing new deck! You are really going to love it. Tell B-Rad he did a great job on the design! I love the outer edge curve. What a whole lot of work the guys got done in a day.

  3. What a gorgeous new deck! So nice to have family around to help. It will be enjoyed I am sure. Thank you for another UMT challenge. It is amazing how each opportunity to try new tangles turns out to be so fun! Thanks to you Laura and to April!

    1. I forgot to say how inspiring your tile was Laura! It was a big help in getting my mind into the groove!

  4. I love your new deck. I would love to have a handy man crew hit my back porch. Tell your wonderful crew, I'm just a piece down the road in Tennessee! lol I also really like the quote about insults. Fantastically said. Your tile is awesome also. I think it is beautiful.

  5. Isn't nice to have a handy hubby! My own hubby has been landscaping our yard, and I am so pleased with it!
    I do love the way you used shading in your tile to make it look so three-dimensional. I need to practice on different shading techniques.

  6. Very nice deck layout. You'll certainly enjoy it once it's all done. I chuckled at the "intense" double rainbow reference - now I have the urge to go look up the video, along with the Banff unicorns one. ROFL. I like your tile. It sort of reminds me of open fields with trees growing in the background.

  7. You're very lucky to have such a talented construction crew, wonderful deck. I always try to go with my first take on a tile also to go with the quote,"There are no mistakes in art"

  8. Betweed looks like a deck, the aura around birdie's feet makes it look like water. Fabulous!

    Your backyard deck is great too!

  9. I love your tangle here! You made a great use of the birdie feet pattern and the top part of the tangle is amazing too. Love it, really!

  10. Great challenge. Hope you and the family have many enjoyable hours on the deck.

  11. Awesome deck! Love your tile..hope that migraine headache didn't take hold!~

  12. Thanks so much for featuring my tangle, Laura. I just love all the interpretations. Here's hoping you attract some birdie feet of your own with that beautiful deck.


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