Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekly Challenge #126

Happy Monday everyone!
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Happy Monday!!
We've had a really great week - Chewie's been having a blast at his swimming lessons.  My mom's been watching Artoo for an hour a day so i can take Chewie to the pool and i've had a precious 35 minutes all to myself every day.  it's been awesome.

Chewie turned five on Friday and he had a great a Lego-tastic birthday.
working on his Lego X-Wing with B-rad
Swimming lessons

Lego from Grandma and Grandpa!

one of my favourite pictures of Chewie, thus far....
This past weekend we attending B-rad's brother's wedding and we welcomed a new sister in law into the crew.  The party was fun, and Chewie had a great time playing with his cousins.  Yesterday he had his birthday party at McDonald's and he told me as he went to sleep that he had the best day ever.  Feels good.

Weekly Challenge #126: "Stencil Fun"
A few weeks ago i was asked to write a guest post for Artistcellar using some stencils that they sent me.  It was super fun and you should go and check it out!  After using the stencils with paint and more, i used the stencils to do some tangling!

These stencils are from the Arabian Nights series

If you have some stencils in your stash, time to pull them out and try tangling using the stencils as your string!  Don't fret if you don't have any stencils in your art supply, you can use anything from around the house.  My fellow Saskatoonian CZT, Margaret Bremner, uses one of those apple corer thingers as a zendala template, or maybe use a cookie cutter, or your hand.  Have fun with this!
If you have a blog, add the site-specific URL where your tile is posted to the linkey machine below! Don't forget to link back here so that others can join in the fun! (if you don't know how to find this, you can see my half assed tutorial here)

Also,  please feel free to come back often and visit the links of those people on the linkey machine - don't forget to leave a comment or feedback, everyone loves feedback. ;)

If you don't have a blog but still want to participate, you can email your tile to me and i will post it here. (please email to weeklychallenge(at)mail(dot)com)I just ask that you put in the subject line:  Challenge # ________

The deadline for each weekly challenge is Saturday night so that i can round everyone up by Sunday. What this means is that i will stop adding tiles to the slideshow on Sunday. You're still more than welcome to do the challenges and add your name to the linkey machine.
I will be more diligent with the linkey machine - by editing out the ones that don't work, the doubles, the links that lead to nowhere, the links that go just to blog home pages (this is why we need those site specific urls), and the spam. And there is some spam.  PLEASE do not put your *home* page in the linkey machine... please? for me??


  1. Your stencil inspired tiles are out of this world gorgeous! I especially love the second. Happy birthday to Chewie- love those happy photos!

  2. Happy birthday. Chewie!! I love your tiles. They are all beautiful. I am also a card maker and scrapbooker, so deciding which stencil to use will be my problem. Where do I begin?!

  3. Happy Birthday to Chewie! He is darling. Legos are just the best toy ever made for kids (and Moms and Dads) but they are the worst to step on in bare feet. Looks like you are enjoying lots of summer fun. Wonderful.

  4. Those are some fantabulous zentangles! I've always love Islamic geometric art.
    And happy birthday to the lego king!

  5. Laura, your work is gorgeous! Happen Birthday to Chewie! Lego is still my favourite toy! I've never completed a challenge, this may be the one I start with!

  6. These are really cool. Stencils have always appealed to me when designing any type of Zentangle inspired art. I'm going to have to try some of my more compact stencils that are similar to yours. (P.S. the Back to the Future DeLorean Lego kit is suppose to be available on July 18th. My hubby can't wait! LOL)

  7. You did a great job with using stencils as the string. And your tiles are lovely. I especially like the second one.

  8. I am new to the Zentangle community but it didn't take long to follow the trail of breadcrumbs to your page! Your work is amazing and I aspire to be able to tangle like you one day. Love these stencil tiles-- Beautiful!

  9. Keep up the great work and inspiration to the zentangle community.

  10. Your tiles are beautiful; the second one is absolutely stunning!!

  11. Love the tiles, especially the middle one!

  12. Great tiles and a great (and difficult) challenge, thank you for it.
    What a great photo of Chewie!

  13. Love your tiles, Laura! Happy Birthday to Chewie!

  14. I love your tiles, they're fabulous! It certainly was fun! thanks Laura :) Happy Birthday Chewie!!

  15. Wow. your tiles are super-duper!
    What a great photo of Chewie and special Birthday Wishes mate!!

  16. Hi Laura, I left the wrong link on #25, I tried to delete it but didn't work, would you if you have time, thanks, I'm working on an entry and will post the correct one tomorrow, thanks again.

  17. I love your tiles! Thanks for the challenge, as always it was great fun.

  18. Hope Chewie had a great birthday. This was a timely challenge for me as I am preparing for a zendala class. We will be looking at different ways to create templates. Gave me a chance to use some new toys, I mean tools. Really like what you did with your template and the tile that you created.

  19. I MUST buy some yours! Happy Birthday Chewie!~

  20. Loved this challenge, it is so interesting to see what different things can be created.

  21. What an excellent challenge! Loved doing it, and am really enjoying what everyone came up with.


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