Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekly Challenge #133

Happy Monday everyone!
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Welcome back everyone.
what a week.
If there's one thing i can say about this week - it's that i'm glad it's over.  It couldn't end fast enough.  I could not get on top of it, i felt like i was constantly struggling to keep a float, to keep my sanity in check, to keep from hopping in my car and driving towards the sunset.  Not to worry, i'm not going anywhere, but it's been one of those days, that turned into several of those days, that turned into: THIS WOMAN NEEDS RED WINE AND CHOCOLATE STAT!! GOD HELP WHATEVER SMALL HUMAN GETS IN HER WAY!!

Moms - you know what i'm getting at, right?

Kindergarten, it can't come fast enough.

Also, B-rad spent the majority of the week finishing up the rest of the railing for the deck, and then he went fishing for the weekend.  (It was a trip planned weeks in advance, just bad timing for my poor little brain).

I also had signed up to volunteer for a Children's Hospital fundraiser, doing face painting, this weekend - only to find out that i had the date wrong, that the event was Sunday, not Saturday, and now i would not be able to volunteer.  Ugh.  i'm sad i missed it. it would have been fun.

Weekly Challenge #133: "Tipple - love it or hate it?"
 This week, i had a bit of an internal struggle, trying to decide if i should take a 'personal day' from the challenge, because my week had been so challenging.  I was on the fence, undecided, until 9 pm last night (Sunday), when i just decided to sit down and tangle SOMETHING, ANYTHING, and see how it went.  I had been mulling over some ideas for what my challenge would be, and had a few things percolating... but i kept coming back to three things: Simplicity, Breathe, and Orbs.

See, i've talked about it on this blog before, but i suffer from anxiety - along with millions of people all over the world, and the one thing that has helped me more than any other is Zentangle.  It's why i became a CZT in the first place.  When i found myself in a deeply upset state of mind, i could always count on those mindful pen strokes to bring peace and calm, at least for 15-20 minutes. ;) 

I still didn't know exactly what i was going to do with this challenge, so i started with simplicity.  Okay, keep it simple.... and i took some deep breaths and drew some orbs on my tile as my string.  Without really thinking too much about it, i started filling in the negative space with Tipple, one of my Go-To tangles for my anxiety.  Now, tipple is one of those patterns that shouldn't need step outs.  You draw teeny tiny orbs, and that's about it.  Sometimes, if there's a bit of space between the orbs, i would colour that in, to add more contrast. 

As i *mindfully* created these tiny orbs, still unsure of what i was going to do, i realized that i was writing my post in my head - about how tipple is such a great tangle, how drawing circles is very calming to me, and how sometimes things just flow - if you JUST BEGIN.

Tipple - in my zone

So, Tipple.

Just begin.

Breathe.  Take time.  Be aware.  Go slowly.

When i teach Tipple in classes, the class inevitably splits into two camps.  Those who love Tipple and those who hate it.  To those who love it, rock on Tanglers!  To the haters - don't fret!! i PROMISE it will be okay.

The pressure to "DRAW CIRCLES" can be a lot, so don't draw circles.  Draw orbs.  Skinny Orbs.  Fat, luxurious, succulent orbs.  Small orbs.  Big orbs.  Wonky, sideways, bubbly wobbly orbs.  Perfect symmetrical circular orbs.  If your hand starts to cramp, ask yourself why you are holding so much tension, try to release it.... TRY to enjoy the orbs.

The challenge is to try tipple, a little or a lot, whatever you are comfortable with.  I unintentionally ended up with an ALMOST-Monotangle. That's not part of the challenge, but you are more than welcome to create a Monotangle if that's where your heart lies.  :)

Thank you to all of you who allow me this space to vent out my 'crazy' and to share my love of the meditative and restorative aspect of this beautiful art form.  Remember, it's about the PROCESS not the PRODUCT.

Namaste. (the divine light in me honors the divine light in you)

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  1. I am sorry to hear you struggled with getting this challenge going. I am glad you pushed through it and I hope that the coming week is less of a struggle. We all appreciate your hard work.

  2. Anxiety is one thing I have not had to deal doctors have always said after taking my blood pressure.....does nothing excite you? However, I have 3 daughters who really deal with anxiety issues and I know it is not an easy thing to control. I am so sorry the week has been so hard for you. Thank you for using zentangle to give yourself a bit of zen and to share your story and the challenge with us. We love you and I hope our love helps a bit! I love tipple-ing. Now I must say that I probably use it in an unorthodox way....but it is great fun. I hope the week brings lots of zen into your amazing life. I so often gain inspiration and courage from your wonderful story!

  3. Laura, I hope you know that we would never what to be the source of any anxiety in your life, so please know that I for one would totally understand if you could not get to a Diva Challenge..your health,and your family should always come first!
    much love,
    Sue O.

  4. Like Susan I want to say that the first thing is taking care of yourself and your family.
    But, I an glad that you posted the Challenge and I like the simplicity of it. I did it last night and really enjoyed it.
    So, thank you Laura!!!!

  5. Thank you, Laura, as always, and love and happiness to you. I hope this week is shaping up as more manageable. You are an inspiration to everyone with your hard work for us and your family. Never feel obligated as we might miss the challenge but will totally understand that you must always put yourself and your family first

  6. This is my first time participating so thank you for keeping things simple for me. Also thank you because I've found this exercise very helpful with fibromyalgia aches and pains. It always helps to keep focused on something that I don't have to worry about messing up. I usually play solitaire on the computer but was looking for something new when I started dreaming of cards attacking me.

  7. Love this challenge! I'm currently at the Roger Maris Cancer Center in Fargo, ND with my hubby who's undergoing radiation therapy, so this sounds like just what I need! I forgot my camera at home (90 miles away), so I can't post my results, but I may do some tippling anyway. I did bring watercolor paper and pens. Be prepared, I always say! Having a great time looking at others' work. My hubby is getting stronger and better every day and we're praising our Lord and Creator for that! Thank you, Jesus! And thank YOU for continually coming up with fun ideas! :)

  8. I think that Tipple is a great tangle to just get lost in. Glad you were able to use it to get past your struggle. I think that tangling is a way to keep focused on the here and now, as anxiety pulls into all the "what ifs". Hope things have calmed down for you.

  9. Tipple is bubbly and fits in any where!
    Sorry I won't be able to visit everyone's challenges while we are travelling, I will be trying to save megabytes as much as possible!

  10. I'm sorry the first link I posted was a dud...I figured out the problem and have hopefully corrected it. Is it possible for you to delete the first link (from Caroline in TN, CZT 11)?

  11. Glad you Tippled last Sunday night ;-) this challenge was really therapeutic to me! Thank you!!

  12. Laura, thank you for all you do. You've created a wonderful community for us. Thank you for tippling your way into this challenge. We are blessed to have you in the Zentangle family.

  13. Thank you Laura, thank you for everything you do thank you for you work and for this wonderful amazing space that you share with us
    Happy life

  14. Thank you for the challenge! I have been away for a bit, and it's good to zentangle again!

  15. Wow that one was popular then!! ;)

  16. This is my first time participating in the challenge. I don't have my website up and running yet but I saw someone last week that pinned hers on Pinterest and linked up that way. Thinking that was a good idea, I followed suit and pinned mine as well.

    I didn't care for Tipple all that much when I first started years ago, but I'm finding I use it quite frequently of late, and love the results. (I just have to remember to go slow to enable me to make complete orbs and not ones with tales.) ;)

  17. I'm trying to see all the tiles of the challenge, I't's so pleasant share art works, see how people play with patterns and give to others inspiration.

  18. Hello, I didn't get this done during the time limit to be included in the slideshow and that's just fine, this was my first Diva Challenge and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I hope to get entered in this week's challenge, I may or may not get it done in time, but it's OK, I love doing this :)

    Thanks so much for allowing us to do this here.

  19. Thank you for the brilliant share... It was a pleasure reading it...


tangle me some zen, baby!!