Monday, September 2, 2013

Long Wekend!

hey folks!
today is Labour Day in Canada - so we've got a long weekend.
Please join me tomorrow morning for the weekly challenge!


  1. Madam Diva
    I so enjoy your challenges, thank you for doing this!

    Timing, though, is a challenge for me. I don't know if anyone else has the same issue, but a Monday start and Saturday stop (which sounds like it SHOULD be enough time!) is a tough sell for me. I work office hours M-F and the weeks, apparently EVEN in summer, are full. The day(s) that are sit down and tangle days (for me) are Sundays... and long weekend Mondays!

    Now I may be one of very few with this struggle, but in a perfect world, the new challenge would allow me the Friday/Saturday/Sunday to work on it. Submission for Monday, maybe!

    Anyways, as I mourn (most weeks) the slippage of time, I truly enjoy thinking about doing tangles even if I don't get to them on time! Again, thanks.
    Kelly (Edmonton)

    1. thanks for your input, Kelly, but the Challenge is posted on Mondays because it happens to be what works best for me (and my family) i hope you are able to find some time for zen during your work week! :D


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