Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekly Challenge #139

Happy Monday everyone!
First of all, as always - a few house keeping items:

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Welcome back everyone.
I'm off and away at my weekend yoga retreat!!

Once i get back and organized, i will draw last weeks contest winners!!  we'll have to catch up later!!

here's this week's challenge!

Weekly Challenge #139: UMT vXXI "8s Parte Dos" by Jane Eileen
This month's Use My Tangle challenge is brought to you by Jane Eileen!  I've had my eye on this tangle and have been meaning to try it out, but as always i never seem to find the time.  That's why i LOVE the Use My Tangle challenges!! :)

You can see the Step-Outs for the tangle on her blog HERE

This is very reminiscent of W2, Huggins and Mi2 - they're all in a similar tangle 'family' if you will.

This tangle requires a bit more focus, and attention to detail - but it is WELL worth the effort!! I think the trick is to carefully line up your dots.

here's my go at it:

a tree in the breeze

i really can't wait to see what you all do with this cool tangle!

For those of you who don't know, the first Monday of the month, is a UMT Challenge (Use My Tangle), where the challenge is to learn and use a tangle created by one of you!  It's awesome for me, because i don't have time to try all the new tangles i see on the web on a regular basis.  This challenge makes sure i'm at least learning ONE new tangle a month...

if you have a tangle you'd like to submit, please follow this link for the guidelines for submissions.  Each month's tangle is chosen at random by

If you have a blog, add the site-specific URL where your tile is posted to the linkey machine below! Don't forget to link back here so that others can join in the fun! (if you don't know how to find this, you can see my half assed tutorial here)

Also,  please feel free to come back often and visit the links of those people on the linkey machine - don't forget to leave a comment or feedback, everyone loves feedback. ;)

If you don't have a blog but still want to participate, you can email your tile to me and i will post it here. (See the contact tab above for my email address).  I just ask that you put in the subject line:  Challenge # ________

The deadline for each weekly challenge is Saturday night so that i can round everyone up by Sunday. What this means is that i will stop adding tiles to the slideshow on Sunday. You're still more than welcome to do the challenges and add your name to the linkey machine.
I will be more diligent with the linkey machine - by editing out the ones that don't work, the doubles, the links that lead to nowhere, the links that go just to blog home pages (this is why we need those site specific urls), and the spam. And there is some spam.  PLEASE do not put your *home* page in the linkey machine... please? for me??


  1. That's a lovely tile! I like the Betweed in the corner and the almost-crescent-y shape that you've left 'white'.

  2. Thought this one was really hard! ;-)

  3. I love seeing what everyone is doing with my tangle. Thanks for using it this week. I really like your whole tile, but especially how you added in your own stripes and highlights! Wow!

  4. Hope the retreat gives you the rest and fun that you deserve. Thanks for the challenge...and I love your use of the 8s Parte dos!

  5. I am a newbie to zentangle, i love the idea of this blog could not believe my luck when i found it, there is so much inspiration and talent, thank you for sharing. I have just entered my first challenge via my new blog which has also been a challenge to setup LOL!. I cant wait for next week now as well as going through some of the tutorials.

  6. Thank you for the challenge this week. It certainly was a difficult one for me. You did a beautiful tile. Enjoy the retreat.

  7. Oh my... this challenge was zentough!!

  8. The word "Challenge" really applied for me this week. I love this pattern but I really had to work hard to get it right. I am impressed with everyone's tiles using this great tangle by Jane Eileen. Thank you for having us use it.

  9. It was a tough one, but I guess that's what makes these Challenges! Thanks for keeping them coming.

  10. Wow, what a hard one to draw. Thanks for making me do it!!! Your tile is great, I love it. Hope you had a great time in the retreat.

  11. Another great tangle to play with! Thanks Laura & Jane Eileen! Laura, I love your tile, great string, and love how Msst circles around 8S Parte Dos!

  12. Like the tangle but not the work it took to get it. Still not sure I do but plan to work on it. Great Challenge!

  13. Thanks for a great challenge!! (And that it was!) But I like challenges, and hope to conquer this one! Mainly because I love how it looks and seeing everybody's variations, it just inspires me even more!! Peace be yours :0)

  14. Yes, challenging! A great reminder of when I started tangling. I think I might have even got my link right this week! I know there are no mistakes in Zentangle, but the volume of discarded tlles this week is large!

  15. I am so new to this art thang that this challenge really did put me to the test! The other difficult thing for me is figuring out all this link stuff and how to comment on all the gorgeous tiles people are presenting. So many passwords to remember in my life!

  16. I'm in the process of reading my new copy of The Beauty of Zentangle. It is so much fun to see so many familiar names in the art displayed. I feel like I know you all!

  17. Hope you had a terrific time at the retreat.

    This challenge really was challenging. But as usual, it was very rewarding to finally get it right. Thanks, Laura and Jane Eileen, for inspiring us all.

  18. What a fun challenge. I was learning some new tangles this week, somy tile is almost all new stuff (to me)


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