Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekly Challenge #142

Happy Monday everyone!
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Welcome back everyone.

in case you missed it on Friday, my new mixed media post is up on the Artist Cellar blog!! come check it out and say hi... comments make all the kittens of the world happy.  :)

Oh! And a big Congratulations and warm CZT Welcome to all the newly minted Certified Zentangle Teachers!! Check out this link to see if there's a CZT near you!

Guess what season it is!? COLD AND FLU SEASON!! B-rad and i took the kids to get their flu shots. They did really well, compared to some of the other kids who were....NOT...doing so well.  There was a lot of screaming, but not by Chewie!! We were so proud of him, he didn't even cry! Artoo, on the other hand, did not do as well.  But, he also had to have 2 shots.  It was sad.

It was a crazy week and next week is going to be just as crazy, but that's what tends to happen when you travel.

My mom and i took the boys to Calgary, AB for the weekend.  Artoo had an appointment.  But as his appointment was only 2 days after his flu shot, he spent almost the entire time crying and saying "NO FLU SHOTS!!!" it was hard for the practitioner to work on him, as he couldn't really get close to him.  In the end i had to lie down on the bed with him, stroking his hair and singing "Hey Jude"...poor kid.

After the appointment we went to Boston Pizza for lunch, the boys were mostly well behaved, but Artoo was pretty ornery and whiney, and may or may not have had a total melt down.  He did.

We sure were happy to be home, though.  Artoo is a home body and he totally missed his dada.

Yesterday we all just chilled out and were happy to be home, and Chewie got to show B-rad all his moves at TaeKwon Do, this week, because it was Parents' Watching Day!

Next weekend, B-rad and i are taking Artoo and flying to Vancouver, BC, for another appointment.  I will be happy when things settle down... i'm not a huge fan of traveling. Well, i'm not a huge fan of traveling with small children ;) Here's hoping next weekend's appointment goes smoother.  Please bear with me as i know i'm far behind with the slideshows.

Weekly Challenge #142: "Comfort/Danger Zone"
This week's challenge to find your comfort zone, and to move beyond it...into...the DANGER ZONE! :D  I don't know about you, but when i create a Zentangle, i always tend to gravitate towards the same things every time; my white square zentangle tile, my black sakura markers, even the same tangles... but this week we are going to step out of our comfort zones!!

First, what is your comfort zone?  Maybe you already know that you don't like the grid tangles, so you stay away from them, or maybe you know that you really love the organic tangles so you stay away from the geometric ones.  Do you always use colour? do you NOT?  Do you avoid shading?  Only you know what it is that makes you feel 'safe' in the zentangle world.  This week, you can either dip a toe into the waters of the Danger Zone, or you can choose to cliff dive, fully clothed into the waters!! A little or a lot, it's up to you!

Me? i decided to cliff dive....
psychedelic sea star
i used different sakura gelly roll pens
and the zentangle soap stone for shading

black tile? check.
round? check.
mandala? check.
colored pens? check.
mooka? check.

You can't really see the glitter, there is so much glitter.

"Move out of your comfort zone.  You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new." Brian Tracy 
"If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness."  Les Brown 
"The comfort zone is the great enemy to creativity; moving beyond it necessitates intuition, which in turn configures new perspectives and conquers fears."  Dan Stevens 

Here's a little ditty to get you in the Moooood.....

have fun!
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  1. what happens if your a beginner and you dont have a comfort zone yet??? LOL!

    1. Jenna, me too, I'm gonna just learn some new tangles

  2. Thanks for the flashback. I'm a '70's and ''80's person, haven't heard that song in forever.

  3. Atta Boy, Chewie!!! Brave guy!! Maybe next time for Artoo...

  4. I love the copper and gold together on the tile—very elegant and luxurious. On a different note, the meme is hilarious.

  5. This was a whooper of a challenge! I enjoyed it!. I did want to say, I love your tile!

  6. This sounds like a real challenge. Artoo is a tough little boy. Such happy kids you have, Laura. I will have to post my challenge on my Flickr until I can get my Blog fixed.

  7. I think we will see many black tiles, thanks Laura, I finally opened the black Zendala pack !

  8. sorry all for double posting... trying to get the hang of flickr...where is the manual for Dummies? may have figgered it out...

  9. There's definitely something satyrical about this challenge. I looked at the entries and was cast back to a time when I did not have a (doodling) comfort zone or even know there was one. In a way, that was real doodling, rather than the ornamental efforts I produce now.
    The truth is that we need that security gained from doing something we can do (at least, to a certain extent), rather than wriggling out of it. Doing my drawing, I felt like a grownup paddling in the toddler's pool (should't have been there) and I got that same impression from a lot of the drawings I looked at. Quite retrospective, in fact. Some of my favourite exponents had managed some simply awful stuff - and mine is at least that bad.
    But it all made me smile a lot, so thanks for an amusing hour and a challenging challenge!

  10. Thank you Laura for this difficult chalenge! Your tile is very beautiful.

  11. Really liked your zendala. Not sure if this was free hand or you used a template? That was the big challenge for me. Either way it looks great. Hope Artoo is feeling better. Feel for him with all the exams etc he has to go through. Sure he will appreciate the support from you and his older brother.

  12. Hope this is finding your Artoo feeling better!! Laughter is the best medicine! Just read him everybody's posts from this challenge and that'll get you all laughing!!! This was an hystericial challenge!! Thanks for making us all feel a little uncomfortable!!! Peace be Yours :0)

  13. Love your beautiful sparkly zendala, Laura!

  14. Yikes - you finally got me to tangle on my white jean jacket. Thanks for the push.

  15. Tough challenge! I almost didn't send mine in, cause I just don't like it much, but it's the process, not the finished product!

  16. Sorry, I think I accidentally deleted the original post for #51. This is inactive. #55 is an active post. Sorry for any inconvenience this created.

  17. So, I entered the Danger Zone by pairing poetry with Zentangle. I love to play with words...but publishing my poetry is not something that I usually muster up the courage to do. I hope that others will respond and publish some of their own as well!


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