Monday, December 2, 2013

Weekly Challenge #147

Happy Monday everyone!
First of all, as always - a few house keeping items:

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Welcome back everyone. Welcome to December! Only 23 Days left until Christmas.

For those of you who missed it, my latest mixed media post is up on the Artist Cellar blog!

Here's what we got up to this week:

We celebrated the Rancor's birthday...
Apparently, it was his birthday so we needed to throw him a surprise birthday party.  All the Lego Minifigures were there, and there was even cake and singing.  What a lucky Rancor.  According to Chewie, he is 53 because he is already married.

"Happy Birthday Dear Rancor.... Happy Birthday to you!!!"
This week in school they had a "Movember" spirit day, and the kids were to wear blue moustaches, Chewie and Artoo look rather debonair, don't they?
cute little mustachios
I also (finally) tried out my mom's recipe for making Play Doh.  Oh, the smell of this brought me right back to my childhood.  The boys had lots of fun, and so i think we'll probably make it again.

AND!! this weekend i was lucky enough to be asked to teach a Zentangle Class as a home party.  I love teaching home parties, everyone is so relaxed and it's always a super fun atmosphere.  This gang was no exception, they were very fun... and i may or may not have burst into song a few times... but to be fair - they were warned.  I am TOTALLY kicking myself, though, because i forgot to get a photo of their beautiful Zentangle Tiles!! Dang.  next time, i guess.

Weekly Challenge #147: "UMT v. XXIII - Boo*Kee"
This week's Use My Tangle challenge is brought to you by yours truly!  Boo*Kee is the name of this tangle. (Say it fast, like bookie, or bukee)

For those of you who don't know, the first Monday of the month, is a UMT Challenge (Use My Tangle), where the challenge is to learn and use a tangle created by one of you!  It's awesome for me, because i don't have time to try all the new tangles i see on the web on a regular basis.  This challenge makes sure i'm at least learning ONE new tangle a month...

if you have a tangle you'd like to submit, please follow this link for the guidelines for submissions.  Each month's tangle is chosen at random 

This week, try your hand and boo*kee!  Have Fun!
If you have a blog, add the site-specific URL where your tile is posted to the linkey machine below! Don't forget to link back here so that others can join in the fun! (if you don't know how to find this, you can see my half assed tutorial here)

Also,  please feel free to come back often and visit the links of those people on the linkey machine - don't forget to leave a comment or feedback, everyone loves feedback. ;)

If you don't have a blog but still want to participate, you can email your tile to me and i will post it here. (send submissions to: weeklychallenge at [not gmail, just mail].  
I just ask that you put in the subject line:  Challenge # ________

The deadline for each weekly challenge is Saturday night so that i can round everyone up by Sunday. What this means is that i will stop adding tiles to the slideshow on Sunday. You're still more than welcome to do the challenges and add your name to the linkey machine.
I will be more diligent with the linkey machine - by editing out the ones that don't work, the doubles, the links that lead to nowhere, the links that go just to blog home pages (this is why we need those site specific urls), and the spam. And there is some spam.  PLEASE do not put your *home* page in the linkey machine... please? for me??


  1. I love your wonderful pattern and it is fun as always to see the fun things happening in your world. Thanks so much......I must say again, you have made Monday one fantastic day!

  2. I am Number ONE.....well, my wife says so, so it must be so. I am on the linky machine, anyway. The is a fun looking pattern to do. Can't wait to see what comes out of it.

  3. Thanks so much for the challenge. It's always wonderful, but today I REALLY needed it. Much love!

  4. Well, I WAS number 1 on the machine; when I came back here after drawing my tile, I find myself as number did that happen? I was the first one to get a number because there was no one else before me and it said I was the first one. Anyway now I'm number 3 for the challenge.

  5. by the way, I meant to ask before, was there a winner from last week's challenge? I never saw any post to that effect.

    1. Hi Duane,
      the weekly challenge is not competitive. Occasionally, i have something to give away, but typically it's just a place to get inspiration, a challenge, and to share your work. :D

    2. Thank you, Laura. I appreciate that tid-bit of info. Didn't understand that, I guess. I do like the competition but I like a chance for constructive criticism also. I love art and tangling. thank you.

  6. Laura, as soon as I saw your tile I thought of snowmen, and then i saw LeeAnn used your tangle as adorable snowmen!! How appropriate for this time of year! As always, Thank you so much for your time and for sharing your world with us!!! :0) Peace be Yours

  7. I loved the "birds" and as soon as I put my pen to the tile a "bug" appeared! so much FUN! love this pattern Laura

  8. Great versatile tangle. Have seen it used in different ways. Thanks for all the challenges.

  9. Such a versatile tangle I was stuck for choice! I love how it's been used here - great challenge. Thank you! Axxx

  10. Some wonderful tiles for this challenge! Beautiful work everyone! (And a great new tangle to boot!)

  11. What a fun pattern! I hadn't seen it before and I surely enjoyed playing with it. Thanks!

  12. A great tabgle Laura, thank you so much!!!!!

  13. Thank you for another great challenge Laura. I love your new Tangle too and will add it to my go-to Tangles. NancyD

  14. Love this new tangle! Thanks! The mustaches are great!

  15. Found lotsa ways to say "Looky! Here's Boo-kee!" and I loved them all. Thanks so much for giving us such a versatile tangle to play with. Laura.

  16. Hey Laura! Thnxs for Boo*kee . Enjoyed playing with it, can see making xmas cards too. Kids are growing up so fast. Hope u guys have a lovely weekend. Have fun

  17. What a fun tangle! I am # 65, and used the tangle for a tile I will be using on a Christmas Card.

  18. What a fun tangle! I played around with it and came up with a bunch of different ideas. How I ended up using the one that I did (which strayed the farthest from your original) I haven't a clue. But I can see myself using it again. Hope you all have a great weekend.

  19. Saw this one and thought of silver bells so went along with a Christmasy theme. Enjoyed it a lot thanks!!

  20. Found this on Linda Farmer's blog via a "refresher." Looks so fun and versatile. Thanks much for sharing!


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