Thursday, January 30, 2014

A quick post

Happy Thursday....

I just wanted to post a quick note!

lots of you have asked me about the art work in the background of my family picture.

No, sadly, i did not paint it.  i WISH!! The artists' name is Alex Grey and the piece is called "Net of Being"

It was used as the album cover for the band TOOL's album 10,000 Days (we bought the poster at one of their concerts before Chewie was born) - it's only a portion of the actual piece.

click to enlarge and view the majesty!!


  1. Very cool! Why have I not noticed it before? Who has the other part(s)?

  2. It's a super piece of wall art and probably unique.

  3. Wowza!!!!! That is amazing!!!I have never heard of him or the Tool. But I can get lost in that picture!!! And it all looks like Zentangles!!! How cool is that? Boy, I am learning so much from your blog and blogging , in general!!! Thanks!! :0) Share Humanity

  4. Very beautiful art work i like it, so amazing. Thank you for sharing.


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