Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekly Challenge #161

Happy Monday everyone!
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Hello my Tangly friends!

Hope you had a great week, i know i have!

We've been playing some Lego, behold our Lego family...

We are so cute.
 I've also been working in my Documented Life Planner... any other DLPers out there?  i am totally loving this project.
my happy planner
 Chewie and i also had some time this weekend to play the Wii - he was pretty excited to finish a level, we are a good team.


I also received my CZT Trading cards this week, they are so cute - i'm excited to hand these out at zentangle meetups... this also means that i need to attend more zentangle meetups. ;)

Check out Sandy Steen Bartholomew's blog to get your own...
she also designed trading cards for Zentangle Addicts
 This week the temperatures dropped back down below freezing.  Someday we will have spring, but until then.... I've signed up to volunteer for a program at the YWCA called Just Tri-It, a mini triathlon. I did the program 5 years ago after Chewie was born, and my one take-a-way from the Just Tri-It program was that i'm not a triathlete.  I'm a runner.  So I am a run team volunteer.

Go Team Green!! Running in -6C because we are hardcore.  (21F)
 If you're following me on instagram (@iamthediva) you will see that i've signed up to do the #100days project, here are some of my happy moments....
Chewie is very excellent at drawing Spongebob Squarepants and Patrick Star
Saturday mornings are made for pancakes and bacon
i got to snuggle with my girlfriend's little guy - he's so cute.

Oh, and the other exciting news in my life is this: 
oh holy moly
I signed up to do my first ever 10k run this spring... i'm only slightly terrified, but i am super excited to cross this off my bucket list.  ...hold me...

Weekly Challenge #161: "In a Quandary about Quandary"
There's a lot of discussion among CZTs on the best way to do this tangle... 
This week's challenge is a practice challenge - to find the way that works for you.  For ME i concentrate on one seed then building a triangle off it. 

You can see the step outs from Rick and Maria for this tangle here.

I just wanted to add here that a lot of people get concerned that their version of quandry is not 'perfect' or that it's not symmetrical - and i'd like to counter those concerns with "So what?" in my humble opinion those imperfections make the tangle interesting and give it character.  Trust yourself - you got this!!

Have a great week!!
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  1. What a beautiful tile you've done! And thanks for making Quandry the challenge - it's a tangle that I avoid because it causes me stress. However, I know that if I just spend some time with it, I'll come to enjoy it and find it easier (like tripoli). It's time now for Quandry! Thanks Laura.

  2. Quandry! My Nemesis..:( Avoid it as it gives me ulcers! But its a Challenge and I hope by the time Im done I will be able to draw it better..:) Your tile is awesome Laura and thanks for the Challenge!. You and the kids look great...:) HUGS....

  3. Thanks for the nifty challenge, Laura.
    What a lovely, and tidy [!] tile you made.
    My past adventure with quandary when I used it as background in challenge 141 was soo messy,[
    Then I discovered that if I imagined the seeds as hands of a clock, arranged at 12-2-4-6-8-10, they hooked together easy-peasey
    Now to find out if the muscles remember.

  4. First link is a video how to draw Quandary without grid...

    and this link is about drawing Quandary with grid:


  5. I love quandary! Thanks Laura. I love your tile!

  6. My first post. seeing if it works

  7. I'm not a huge fan of quandary and this week I had made a little mental challenge to be one of the first 10 to finish my tile. So thanks, Laura for a real challenge. I'm not thrilled with how mine came out, but adding color made it fun. I'm happy with my tangling growth you have inspired!

  8. What is the 100 days project?

  9. Cool planning and good luck running :)

  10. Hello Laura!!! Another great challenge, and your Quandary tile is so beautiful!! I just love how those renaissance tiles look, all tangled up! Like your CZT trading card too! You and your family are such cuties!! Anyway, I made a step out of how I do Quandary. Hopefully it'll be helpful to someone! Have an awesome week!!! XO Share Humanity :0)

  11. Quandry really is a challenge! I hope I find the time to do a tile this week. At the moment I work on my "one tangle a day" calender a dear friend gave me.

    The trading card looks stunning and I have to admit that I'm a little jealous that you have Zentangle meetups!? I try to plan something like this with a few tangle friends in my apartment. I'm sure it will be fun to tangle together.

  12. Wow definitely a challenge this week. After many attempts on scraps I finally worked out how to get some order to my Quandry so that the petals at least meet up although by no means perfect!
    Love looking at the family pictures and good luck with the 10k. Linda x

  13. Thanks for the challenge! I think I may have finally mastered Quandary! Good luck with your run.

  14. My quandary was less about how to draw such a super-static pattern than figuring out how to get some flow while doing it.
    Haven't discovered it yet.

  15. SO enjoyed this one, Laura. I love your tile and have popped back to admire it several times. It works so well, morphing elegantly into Mooka. For me, it's been an excuse to practice, practice and practice. And I've seen some improvement, which is good. Thank you, Axxx

  16. Your challenge is really a challenge. Your tile is great. I like your highlighting.

  17. Thank you so much for this! I feel like I'm finally getting the hand of this tangle.

  18. I love the color in this wonderful example of "Quandary", Laura. Thank you for another week of cute pictures of your family.

  19. Great challenge. I was in the CZT class when Quandary was introduced. It is a great tangle. Looking forward to seeing all the different things that people do with it. Like your tile and the transition with Mooka.

  20. Hi, I am Annette from Munich and I follow your blog this weeks. I am a very beginnger in Zentangle. Now I tried to do the Challange.. :-). I love all the tangles.

  21. I look forward to seeing your pictures of your family each week. Oh, yes I like your Quandary as well but it's not nearly as cute as those two little boys!

  22. I just posted for the first time...hope its up to par with everyone else's!

  23. Just posted here for the first time this week. Quandry is certainly a challenge for me. I'm looking forward to many more! Thanks.

  24. Your Documented Life Planner is gorgeous!! I want to start one now. Thanks as always for the weekly challenge, although quandary definitely isn't my jam, I like to work on things I am not super strong at sometimes.

  25. Good to see in these comments that I am not the only person who considered this a real challenge!

  26. Ok. I did it!! It was hard! Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

  27. Another great challenge, Laura. I usually do all right with Quandary: not always symmetrical, but usually recognizable. I love your tile; the Renaissance tiles really are a good backdrop for Zentangle.


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