Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekly Challenge #167

Happy Monday Morning everyone!
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Hello my Tangly friends!

What a crazy busy week this has been...

Chewie being a goof
 This week has been a whirlwind of:

  • taking Chewie back and forth to school
  • playing outside
  • taking Artoo for a playdate
  • having an out of town friend stop by cuz she was in town for a meeting
  • having other out of town friends come over to visit
  • getting a brand new van
  • training for the upcoming 10K
  • painting my kids faces
  • doing a bunch of volunteer work canvassing a neighbourhood for 2 hours for our upcoming 2nd Annual colour run in support of beads of courage
  • celebrating my birthday early with b-rad at a Mexican restaurant
  • getting up and cheering for my girlfriend who ran in a triathlon yesterday
  • getting a brand new bed (KING SIZE!!)
  • celebrating Mother's Day with my family 
  • and then a family BBQ at my brother-in-law's 
i am tired.
 i'm exhausted having just typed all that.  lol  Here's some photographic proof....
my running friend

Picking up Chewie from school
enjoying a bit o'coffee on the deck

cute little clown

Scary lookin' skeleton! 

mmmm, so very tasty.

Before we get into this week's challenge, i wanted to say thanks for all your suggestions for my new tangle... and it seems that the majority of you think that "Somnee" is a good name, and so Somnee it shall be.  :)  thanks everyone!

Weekly Challenge #167: DuoTangle Well/Punzel
Well, today is May 12.  A Monday! A challenge day.  And it also happens to be my 34th birthday.  :D

So today's challenge is a duotangle challenge because i love them.

A Duotangle is a term, originated on this blog, that refers to a tile or zentangle inspired piece using ONLY TWO TANGLES.

This particular challenge is to use ONLY the two tangles Well and Punzel.  (follow the links for the step-outs)

DuoTangles have to be one of my favourite type of challenge because it's a chance for us all to stretch our minds a bit, and to try things you wouldn't often try.  And through this collective community, we can all learn from each other and find new and interesting things to do with tangles that we thought we knew.

I chose these two tangles because i always love the way they look, but never think to use them.

This is not how i envisioned my tile to be when it was done... in fact i struggled a lot with this one - and really didn't find my *zen* moment.  There was a lot of frustration, to be honest, as i struggled with pens that didn't work, finicky scanners, light bulbs burning out.... oh man.  But my OWN personal challenge, as always, is to ALWAYS post my first attempt.  Because even though it's great to have a beautiful tile in the end, it's about process.  Not product.  have fun!

OOH!  And in special celebration of my birthday today - i am giving away a copy of "The Book of Zentangle" by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas as my way of saying thank you to everyone who comes back to my blog week after week!
THIS ^^ could be yours!

This is also my first attempt using rafflecopter, so i hope it works! :D Follow the instructions for your chance to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway


Have a great week!!
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 I will be more diligent with the linkey machine - by editing out the ones that don't work, the doubles, the links that lead to nowhere, the links that go just to blog home pages (this is why we need those site specific urls), and the spam. And there is some spam. PLEASE do not put your *home* page in the linkey machine... please? for me??


  1. Tell you a joke for the HBD give-a-thon?
    Any joke I told would be on me. I'm not only really bad at telling jokes, but hardly anyone I tell a joke to thinks it's funny. Anyway here's a lawyer joke:
    Lawyer: And you claim that you were extremely upset when your husband finally woke from his coma and asked "where am I, Cathy?" Whay should that upset you"
    Witness: My name is Suan.

  2. The Joke is on me.... I love jokes but can't ever remember them! Looks like you had a fun week! Thanks for all you do!

  3. Looking forward to giving the challenge a try. Also jealous of your king size bed. Our bedroom isn't even big enough for larger than a queen. Would love to win the give away so I can read the book before CZT training in June.

  4. Ah! missed I was supposed to tell a joke. Here goes. Knock knock ...

  5. Hope you have the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ever... with many many more to follow... each one getting better and better... that is my wish for YOU... thanks for all the wonderful challenges too... Love, Light and Peace...Bonnie

  6. Happy Birthday Laura - hope it's a good one for you. As for jokes, I'm useless at telling and I always laugh at the short ones!! So - here goes..
    Just changed my Facebook name to ‘No one’ so when I see stupid posts I can click like and it will say ‘No one likes this’.

    1. I'm under a fake name too. Unfortunately I wasn't clever like are Chrissie. I hope I see your "like" on any comment I make.

  7. Happy birthday Laura.
    I love to join the giveaway, Here's the joke.
    After his first day of work in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam a man said to his boss: Jou must be very proud of me....I sold 2 van Gogh's and 1 Rembrand today :)

  8. Happy Birthday Laura! :)

    Here's the joke:
    "How Bedroom smells after marriages:
    First 3 months - Perfumes and Flowers!
    After 12 months - Baby Powder, Cream, diapers and Lotions!
    After 7 Years - Balms, Move and pain killers.."

  9. Happy Birthday Laura! I wish you all the best, good health for you and for your family and good moments with loved ones.
    I would like to tell you a joke, but often you can't translate a joke into another language. But I think this one will work: She to him: Darling, what do you like best, my perfect body or my beautiful face? He to her: Your humor.

    1. that joke translated just fine. lol, it make me giggle!

  10. Happy Birthday Laura! All the best for you and your family!
    And thank you for your wonderful challenge eyery week!
    And a joke for you
    "A woman comes back home to find her husband stalking around with a fly swatter. "Have you killing any?" she asks him. "Yep," replies her husband, "two males and two females." "How can you tell?" she says. He replies, "Two were on the beer can and two were on the phone."

  11. Happy Birthday! May your day be "zen"
    Why did the cowboy get a doxin??? Because someone told him to "get a loooonnnnggg little doggie!"

  12. I already have the book, I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you. You ARE a diva. I get tired every week just reading everything you do all week.

  13. Happy Birthday, Laura. I tried to use the proper link, but it said that I already posted? Well, anyway, here is my joke:
    A small boy turned to his Aunt Edna and said: "Wow, you're old!” His mother overheard the remark and was appalled. She took him to one side and gave him a real telling-off before ordering him to go back and say sorry to Aunt Edna. Suitably chastened, the boy went over and said quietly, "Aunt Edna, I'm sorry you're old."

    1. lol this sounds like something chewie would say

  14. Happy Birthday Laura! You are in the prime of your life and I hope you enjoy every moment of this day! I so enjoy the duo challenges. Your tile is lovely.

  15. Congratulations for Your Birthday, and I can not translate a Dutch joke in English, sorry! I hope you have a nice day and you become never to old to make a challenge for us! Thanks xxx

  16. Always love checking In here

  17. No joke from me, but I DO wish you a fantastic birthday with your loved ones!!!!

  18. This will be my first time doing one of your challenges. Thanks.

    Happy Birthday.

  19. Happy Birthday Diva Laura, have a very nice day!

    Here's my joke :
    A man telephoned the airline office and asked, “How long does it take to fly to Boston?” The clerk said, “Just a minute…” “Thank you,” the man said and hung up.

  20. Happy Birthday!! Hope your day is spectacular!!

    One liner - The vacuum sales man said to the lady, "This vacuum cleaner will cut your work in half."
    "Good," she replied. "I will take two!"

  21. Happy Birthday Laura and thank you for the opportunity to win the book :) Have a great day and here's my joke.....
    What does a clam do on his birthday?
    He shellabrates!
    Linda x

  22. Happy happy HAPPY birthday! Hope it's a great one :)

    Why was the artist afraid he might go to jail?
    Because he'd been framed! ;P

  23. Happy birthday! and many thanks for the new challenge, which will force me to use two patterns I've been avoiding! I'm sorry I missed the send-in date for the last two challenges. I really will try to complete this one, not least, to prove that I can!

  24. A very happy birthday to you! My joke is very kid-friendly, so you can share it with Chewie and Artoo.
    Q: What did the dirt say to the mud?
    A: You're all wet!

    I'll be back later with my response to the challenge. ;)

  25. Happy birthday and thank you for the inspiration!

  26. Happy birthday and here it goes with the joke. What do you get if you cross an elephant and a rhino? An elephino. That's all I've got.

  27. Happy birthday and I hope you have many wonderful days this year. I know you have brought me a lot of pleasure with the challenges. I haven't used either of these tangles so I'm excited to play with them. I am LOVING the jokes. Here is my offering
    Why did the bicycle fall over? It was two tired.
    Now to get busy tangling - something I'm much better at!

  28. Happy, happy birthday girl. Hope it's a good one! Now for a joke, oh great! How do you get down off a duck?

  29. Forgot the punch line, you pluck it off.

  30. Happy birthday!! This is going to be a fun challenge :)

  31. Happy Birthday!
    I'm no good at jokes but I love puns !

    A cartoonist was found dead in his home. Details are sketchy.

    What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.

    I changed my iPod name to Titanic. It's syncing now.

    Hum! Sorry, I'll stop here. I just love how one can play on words and it works so much better in english!
    Love from France

  32. Ooookay! To tangle, or not to tangle....Well, I'll get to it as soon as I have 1/2 an hour of peace and quiet... Wednesday I hope, so see you then.

  33. Happy birthday! Why did they call it PMS? Because Mad Cow Disease was already taken!

  34. Happy Birthday! :o)
    How did the little Scottish dog feel when he saw a monster?
    Terrier-fied! *woof*

  35. How do you fix a broken gorilla?

    A monkey wrench!

  36. Happy Birthday Laura!

    What do you call a duck that steals?

    A robber duck.

  37. Don't know when I'll get my Duotangle done, but can't wait till then to wish you Happy Birthday. Hope it's a great day and tbe beginning of a wonderful year.

    Not too good at jokes, but:
    Why did the Blonde get fired from the M&M factory?
    Because she threw out all the Ws.

  38. Mushroom walks into a bar,
    bartender says...
    "I'm sorry, we don't serve your kind here"
    Mushroom looks sad and says... "Why not, I'm a fungi"

  39. I love a terrible joke. Here's my favorite: A three-legged dog enters a saloon. He walks up to the bartender and announces, "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."

    1. How about the horse that walks into the bar,.........the bartender says,..........."What's with the long face?"

  40. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, LAURA!!! Hope it''s been an awesome day and make it last all week long!!!! Oooh,it's probably gonna take me a while to do my tile. I've never tried Punzel,...........scarey!!!
    Okay, now for a little chuckle. (the kids will like it!)
    How do make a kleenex (tissue) dance?????
    You put a little 'boogie' in it!! :0)
    Hope you had a great Mothers Day too!! Looks like you've been having some fun! Great balance in your life!!
    :0) Share Humanity

  41. Many happy returns of the Day, Laura!

  42. Happy B-day Laura, may all your wishes come throug! I think you had a great B-day party with fellow CZT's. Great to do and what fun this must be...You deserve it...

  43. I LOVE duotangles! I can't wait to start this challenge. AND, a chance to win the book - You are Awesome! Thank you so much!

  44. A joke! Knock! Knock! (who's there?) Amos. (Amos who?) A mosquito bit me. It's partner joke: Knock! Knock! (who's there?) Andy. (Andy who?) And he bit me again!

    Thankfully those are my only two. ;)

    1. i like them! i'm always on the hunt for knock knock jokes, my kids love them.

  45. I'm excited that I actually got one done on time! This one was hard for me, it really made me push myself! Thank you!

  46. This was my first duotangle. I cannot state that I love them at this point. I desperately wanted to add a third or fourth something. But of course that is the "challenge" of the Challenge, right? And now that I'm done, I have to admit, that's what made it fun - the challenge part. Thank you for that.

    1. yes, this is why i love them. the challenge of limitations. :D

  47. Oh, a joke! Here's a joke I absolutely adore:

    A father and son went fishing one day. While they were out in the boat, the boy suddenly became curious about the world around him. He asked his father, „How does this boat float?“ The father replied, „Don‘t rightly know, son.“

    A little later, the boy looked at his father and asked, „How do fish breathe underwater?“ Again, the father replied, „Don‘t rightly know, son.“

    A little later the boy asked his father, „Why is the sky blue?“ Once again, the father replied, „Don‘t rightly know, son.“

    Finally, the boy asked his father, „Dad, do you mind my asking you all of these questions?“

    „Of course not, if you don‘t ask questions, you'll never learn nothin‘.“

  48. Me again. (I am so annoying.) I just want to apologize for the redundent entries. Number 38 can and should be deleted. Jennifer was too stupid to understand that the "please be patient" request also applied to waiting for my name to appear on the list. I didn't see it so I hit "enter" again (thought I fogot) and the link from last week's challenge was still in there. This embarrasses me. On the other hand, you should all consider yourselves lucky there are only two entries because I tried a third time, only to be told that link was already there...which is when the coin dropped.

  49. Oh dear, Punzel and I are not friends! But I'll have to try! Gosh, you life sounds really really busy, with nice things!

  50. Wow, a busy week for you and a busy number of tanglers participating so far!

  51. You might be an artist if ...

    --You butter your toast with your fingers, just to feel its texture.
    --You've ever considered framing your palette instead of the painting.
    --You notice the burnt umber in the background of the Playboy centrefold.
    --Your children are forced to share a room so you can have an art studio.
    --You routinely drink the rinse water instead of the coffee.
    --The suggestion that you should “teach” or “open a flower shop” or “go to law school” makes you want to scream and throw things.
    --You know the difference between beige, ecru, cream, off-white, and eggshell.
    --You do judge a book by its cover.

  52. Happy Birthday

    I'm fairly new to zentangling and have only attempted a few challenges. I'm not sure I can do Punzel, but I love Well, so I am going to try. I'd love to win the book.

  53. Hope you are enjoying your birthday week. Looks like you had some fun, and talented, visitors for part of your celebration. This challenge was a good one. Have used them both before, but never together.

  54. OK a really lame joke. Why did the blonde put her Ipad in the blender? She wanted to make apple juice. I know, I can hear the moans.

    1. < insert eye roll > yes.. that's a good one. lol

  55. Ok, Diva, I am on the Linky Machine at number 62 for this week. I saw the pic of you and hubby having a drink while out someplace fun. Be careful of how many of those wicked looking things you consume....or they will have to roll you Hope you had a very nice Birthday. I don't like birthday's anymore...they make me feel lol lol.

  56. Happy belated Mother's Day and birthday to you! I hope you've had a great week even though it's been crazy. I love the face painting pictures. :-)

    This challenge was fun for me because I previously disliked Punzel. After a fellow CZT showed me some pointers, I now I enjoy doing it. I think for several patterns, we sometimes need a little help in getting it right for our own hands. If we set up mental blocks, we will continue to struggle. I'm hoping to find a way to find zen in my practice no matter what the pattern.

  57. newbie to your site and right ofrf the bat, I'm confooooosed! your duo seems to be a three-o, the third being Paradox on the lower right. please tell me I'm wrong?!?!

    1. Hey Lizzerd,
      I can see why you'd ask that. It's actually a variation of WELL where i just aura'ed the lines going in. But it looks very similar to Paradox, for sure. So. Only two tangles in my tile. :)

  58. Hi Laura,
    I used the comment link on Monday, and it indicated that posted. I looked today and see that there is no posting, so I'll do it now. Happy Belated Birthday. Love the photos of you and your hubby celebrating! Unfortunately, all the jokes I know are too long to print here. I have enjoyed reading what others have written. :o)

  59. Happy Birthday Laura, don't always post my tile, but always visit your blog and do the challenge. Thank you for adding to my Zentangle skill development.

  60. Already posted my original (Birthday) comment, and joke; but I finally finished and posted my challenge piece. Hope you're enjoying the rest of your birthday week, Laura.

  61. I would love to wish you Happy Birthday - and also win the book :) :)

    There is only one joke I can keep in my head and it is gross and aimed at someone about 5 ... so here goes.

    What is red and green and goes really fast? You can't think of it - a frog in a blender ... like I said, it is gross (sorry!)

    Happy Birthday!!

  62. I just thought of a joke.

    Three tangle patterns dive into a pool. The coach asks if they need help. They calmy reply, "We're good. We're just taking it 'one stroke at a time.'" Yes, I'm a dweeb. :-)

    "Anything is possible one stroke at a time" is a trademark of Zentangle, Inc.

  63. Thanks for the challenge….I probably wouldn't have put the two tangles together otherwise, so I wouldn't have had this great result! Now for a joke my daughter told me probably 30 years ago after learning it on Captain Kangaroo, so see if the kids know it! Where do sheep get a hair cut?…….at the baa baa shop!

  64. Wow, not an easy challenge this least I wasn't alone in feeling that way! But I've now learned two new tangles that I know I'll enjoy using. Thanks Diva for making us stretch!!


tangle me some zen, baby!!