Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Weekly Challenge #168

Happy Monday Morning everyone!
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Hello my Tangly friends!
What a week!!

Thank you to everyone for the Birthday wishes.
For my birthday i spent the day with these lovely ladies

Margaret Bremner, Jenny Farrell, Lisa Heron, and me - all CZTs
 Jenny Farrell, CZT from Australia was over for Tangle U in April (...think summer camp for CZTs) - so she made the trip up to Canada to visit Lisa Heron, who lives in Regina, SK about 2.5 hours drive from where i live.  So - Lisa cooked up a scheme to get us all together under one room with my fellow Saskatonian CZT Margaret Bremner.  And that roof was mine!

Jenny and Lisa brought lunch and a cake, and we spent the day visiting and talking about Tangle U, and other exciting projects.

Artoo enjoying Jenny's tangled hat
Artoo was on his best behaviour and entertained us all with some singing and laughing.

No rest for the wicked
 And many CZTs were heartbroken when Margaret didn't make it down to Tangle U, but she shared the workshop she would have given with us, and we were grateful.   Jenny also shared some of the cool techniques and things that she learned at Tangle U.

cake was eaten
They hung out all day, and even stuck around for supper - B-rad BBQd for everyone and we all enjoyed some EXTRA cake!  Yay!  It was a good birthday! 

Gettin' my book signed
 On Tuesday, i met the ladies again - but for supper at a local bookstore where an old colleague of mine was having her book launch for her YA Novel "Queen of Fire".  So, i got to eat an amazing Pear and Blue Cheese salad, and visit some more with the CZT ladies, and go to a book launch, and see some great friends at the launch - all in one night! Yay me!!

Finally some warm weather
 The weather was finally nice enough for the boys to have some outside time....

Neighbour Friends!
 And on the weekend, my family and friends rallied together and we pulled off a very successful BBQ Fundraiser to help my family travel to Washington DC this summer to attend a Moebius Syndrome conference (For those who don't know, Moebius Syndrome is an extremely rare neurological disorder mostly affecting cranial nerves - Artoo has this)

I have the best friends and family ever.

Work work work!!
 We capped the week off with a belated Birthday BBQ at my mom and dad's.... and my mom made me this delicious cake! So pretty!

But not as pretty as my beautiful niece!

How was your week?

Weekly Challenge #168 Tangleation Nation: Rain
This week's challenge is to take an official tangle "RAIN" and use variations or tangleations of it.  I chose rain this week, solely because it has been raining for the past 24 hours. lol

You can find the step outs for the tangle Rain here.  I think this one will lend itself quite nicely to tangleations/variations.  I've made my tile a monotangle, but you certainly don't have to.  

I've also done this tile using a embossing/colouring technique that Jenny Farrell learned at Tangle U.  i'm still learning, but i really like it.


Have a great week!!
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  1. We had rain too... and then it got very cold for NC in the 'spring time' we went down to 48 degrees... that was two days ago... now today it is suppose to be up in the 90's... weird weather... but glad you had a nice birthday... that is more important than the weather any old day...
    Love, light and Peace...Bonnie

  2. I had to do another one!!!! If you read my blog, you will see why... but it is not a tangle that I really like... but had to do it.. ???/ Weird HUH???

  3. Hey Laura, I just linked to the Linkey Machine as number 8 this week with my entry. It looks like you had a great birthday from your husband as well as your CZT buddies. You have two fun kids too...I see Chewie as a girl friend there...startin' out young, mama. Anyway, Diva, have a good week.

  4. Good to see you had a fun filled week celebrating your birthday Laura. I love Rain and your tile is so cool, I love the colours and the texture - it reminds me of one of those welcome mats :)

  5. This was a fun challenge; I may have to create another tile :) Loved seeing the pictures.

  6. Looks like you had a really fun time this week! How fun to have your own small class with Margaret and the girls!

  7. Thanks again for an enjoyable challenge. I am proud to say I only entered my link one time this week. As always it was fun to see your pictures, even if I am now craving a cake with lots of thick white icing and chocolate flakes...mmmm!. (Now this would be a challenge - deconstruct patterns from the cake's icing....)

  8. Hello Diva, I'm fairly new so thought I should say hello. I'm #32. I have been enjoying these challenges. Thanks very much. It's been raining in Southern Ontario too!

  9. Looks like your birthday lasted!! That's the way they're supposed to be celebrated!!!! Sorry you're getting all the rain! Please send it my way. We are so short of a good rain this year. Anyway, I love your tile and the new look.Wish I could see up close and what part is embossed. Looks like you girlies had a good time together! See you next week! :0) Share Humanity

  10. Well, you forced me to like this tangle after trying out again and again! Thanks La Diva!

  11. Great challenge Laura and that looks like great cake too :) Linda x

  12. I'm hoping for some un-sympathetic magic here. We've had far too much rain in CT to suit me.

  13. We have not had a lot of rain so far. Just missed some storms the other night. We have had enough though and my schedule has been crazy enough that thought I may have to rent out the lawn for grazing since it has been growing a lot.

  14. I chose a monotangle also. I could not see any reason to add another just for the sake of it.

  15. I was afraid this might have the same impact as a rain dance. I risked it, even though the thought of more rain made me want to cry and I had a beautiful day!

  16. Hi friends! I just created and posted my very first tangle pattern, which is also in my post linked above (#56) along with my tile of Rain! :) :)

  17. I'm so hoping we don't have rain as we're doing a lot of reforms in the garden...rain will turn the building site in to impossible mud!! In Andalucia, we might be OK though...getting very hot here these days! Thanks for a lovely challenge! Axxx

  18. Been looking at other posts - so many great RAIN tangles and variations! Good challenge.

  19. This challenge was a little hard for me as I am also a beginner. My thought was with or any storm it is often said there is a silver lining. So when I did the cloud I put silver in them to go along with the though. However, it was made known to me that people are unable to see my post. I tried changing Mister Linky's information but it coming up when I press my name that it is still incorrect and not able to get to the web site. Is there any suggestions on how I can change this.

    So glad you had a great birthday. Love the cake. You are just a few years younger than my youngest son.

  20. I was a bit tardy in posting though I finished it last week. Glad you had a happy birthday.


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