Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekly Challenge #169

Happy Monday Morning everyone!
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Hello my Tangly friends!
i hope you've all had a great week.

Artoo and i have been sick.

It's been rough - the poor little guy has been coughing and coughing.  It feels like we JUST did this a few weeks ago, yet here we are... doing it again.

Late Tuesday night, i began feeling a bit of a scratch in my throat... i knew that i was next on the list.  I was particularly disappointed by whatever virus this is - because my 10K race happened to be this weekend.  After month of training, i ended up sick on race day.

But, i didn't let it stop me.  I trained too long for this - plus i had Team Beads to carry for Beads of Courage!

And so, with a head full of congestion and a cough in my chest, i did my run yesterday morning.  I felt pretty good, but around the 8km mark i started coughing a lot.  I thought i was gonna fall over, from coughing... but i persevered and managed to do the run in 1:07:55!  5 minutes off my goal time of 1:13

After the race, i came home and napped - i'm really feeling the cold now that the run is done.  I just want to sleep and sleep and sleep.  Artoo hasn't seemed to have gotten much better, but he's still stable and at home, so that's a really good thing.

Weekly Challenge #169: String Theory: Circles
This week's challenge is to make your string out of circles, then tangle!

Here's my tile:

For my string, i used a compass and drew a circle in the middle-ish of my tile, then expanded the circles outward.  I actually quite like how this turned out....  I also started a second tile, using the compass to draw circles in a Sacred Geometry Seed of Life pattern - but i was so tired i put it away and went to bed... maybe i'll finish it and post it later.

No compass? No problem... the circles can be traced from cups, or lids, or you can draw your circles freehand.  They don't need to be concentric like mine, they can be random, or put together in some other cool way that i can't even think of!!

have fun!


Have a great week!!
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The deadline for each weekly challenge is Saturday night so that i can round everyone up by Sunday. What this means is that i will stop adding tiles to the slideshow on Sunday. You're still more than welcome to do the challenges and add your name to the linkey machine. - although to be honest the deadline is pretty forgiving.
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  1. Great tile! I love the circles. Congrats on your race time. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Wow! 10k!! You are the bomb!!! Way ahead of the energizer bunny!!!! You run circles around me........

  3. I'm glad you ran your race anyway. You would have been so disappointed. Now, get some rest and I hope all of you are up and running soon :)

  4. What a great challenge! Thanks for all your hard work keeping these going. Even though I don't participate every week, I enjoy seeing others' work and get excited when I have some time and something to contribute. Now that I have my link up, I cannot wait to take a peek and see what others have done and will do.

  5. get wel soon, both. fantastic that you did the race anyway and did so well.

  6. By the way, your tile is A+mazing!

  7. Gorgeous tile, Laura and thank you very much for this fun challenge. I hope you and Artoo feel soon better.

  8. I hope you and Artoo are feeling much better - thank you for another great challenge.

  9. Love your tile, Laura! Congrats on the race! I hope you and Artoo are feeling better soon. Take Care

  10. Congratulations on completing the race despite feeling yuk. You take care of yourself and little Artoo and thanks for still finding the time to post a challenge :) LindaB x

  11. So sorry to hear that you and Artoo were sick. Hope you both are feeling better now. Congratulations on doing the race especially when you were sick.

    I was blocked off from your site but I think I got it fixed.

  12. I am from Austria. My language is German and my English is very bad.
    I tangle only for a short time using the book of Beckah Krahula.
    I hope I have done everything correctly. Happy tangle Anna

  13. I hope you are going to feel better soon. Well done on the racing!

  14. I tip my hat to you for running despite having a bad cold. Colds are the worst. Also, your tile is beautiful. I even copied it a bit - er, I mean, I was INSPIRED by it in places. Yes. That's what I mean. :-)

  15. It took me a while to get this one done! :)

  16. There you go, Diva, I am on the Linkey Machine at number 48. I have my tangles in the round for yours and everyone's viewing pleasure. Did you win the race; since you did better than your goal??

  17. I'm excited! I just joined, and just put up my very first diva challenge. The one I posted is the first one i did, but I've explored circles all day yesterday and did another three that I enjoy very much too.
    Looking forward to tangling along.

  18. So - I'm not sure if my first comment is still awaiting approval or if I messed up and it didn't go through. So at the risk of repeating myself - Laura, I love your tile. Gorgeous. And I tip my hat to your for running a whole 10 K in such good time even though you were getting sick. That's grit!

  19. Hope that people are feeling better or if not will be soon. Understand your not wanting to do the run after all the prep. Congrats on your perseverance. Maybe next time you will not have to deal with that challenge.

  20. Congrats on your 10K!!! Bummer that you were sick! Well, I hope you and Artoo are feeling better!! I love how you posted your pics in a collage format!! Too cute! Anyway, I really like your tile and lots of detail with this one!! Sorry I made an oops on the link machine with entry #65 :0/ Have a great weekend! :0) Share Humanity

  21. this was a fun challenge. I couldn't stop with the circles.

    Congrats on your race. I have run with a cold and it's not fun though is doable. Take care.

  22. Great tile and fun challenge. I hope you and your little boy are feeling better.

  23. Oh no! Not circles! Certainly is a challenge for me! I prefer more straight line strings.....

  24. I have been wanting to play with ZIA flowers, and this week’s challenge to use circle strings was just the chance.

  25. Congrats on the successful run! I enjoyed stretching myself with the challenge this week - I liked your tile too!

  26. I know that I am very late in adding my url but I just had to do it anyway because I would feel incomplete if I didn't. I love your challenge and I would be very sad if I didn't get to do it; even though, I've only been doing it for a month or so. Thank you for creating it!

  27. Submitted my blog page to participate in the weekly challenge. :)


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