Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekly Challenge #171

Happy Monday Morning everyone!
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Hello my Tangly friends!
Thanks for the break last week, i really needed it.  What an amazing event we held last weekend!!
My dad, running for Artoo

My family all came out to support our cause - we were raising money for Beads of Courage programs in Saskatchewan.
the 2014 Beads of Courage Colour Festival Fun Run Dream Team
(L-R: Danielle, Ali, ME, Jen, TARA, and MARYANN)

My girlfriend Tara and i organized a 5KM colour fun run last year (with the help of a wonderful woman named Maryann) because both of our kids are members of the program here.  From there we grew to a team of six people, it we were officially a committee.  We were so very lucky to have found such great people to work with!

Me, taking a quick lap between working
 Everything came together in amazing fashion - we had wonderful sponsors by great local business and we raised an awesome sum for the kids in this province.  We are really very proud.

The Diva Family!
 I love that this event is so family friendly - everyone there had a blast!

Even Artoo got out of the wagon and got some colour on him this year! Hopefully next year he will be running through the colour stations as well!

Weekly Challenge #171: "Beads of Courage"
 For those of you who don't know, Beads of Courage is an Arts in Medicine program that supports children and their families who are dealing with Life threatening or Chronic illnesses.

A child on the program would collect beautiful glass beads in recognition of the things whey have to go through in their daily lives, on their Medical Journey.  When a child goes to yet another doctor's appointment, they'd get a glass bead, when they need to have a needle, they get a glass bead.  Each bead on their strings represent something they've done or gone through.

This is Artoo's bead string, from just his first year of life.
Some of the things you can collect beads for are:
Needle pokes, overnight stays in hospital, isolation, mobility challenges like bed rest or casting, hair changes, tube insertions or removals, therapies, doctors appointments, surgeries, xrays, ultrasounds, infusions, radiation, oxygen/respiratory support, procedures...

As kids collect beads for their strings, they have a tangible way to show their friends and family just what they've gone through.  In an interview for our run, i told the reporter if my son (artoo) ever feels like he's not brave, i can show him his beads and say: look at everything you've done! yes, you are brave.

This week, be inspired by courage.  At our run we had a big banner where our runners could write a message of what gives them courage - last year our banner hung in Acute Paediatric Care at Royal University Hospital for over 6 months.  The Recreation coordinator (Hi Shaylene!) said that families would stand in front of it, and read all those messages.  So amazing.

You could use beads as inspiration for your string, or for inspiration for your tangles, or perhaps you know someone who is being particularly strong and courageous right now and you may be inspired by them!

for me, my inspiration is Artoo.

Have a great week!!
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  1. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing. - Laura Dowd

  2. It's such a lovely thing to do, collecting beads - and then I saw the huge collection your little treasure has amounted in his little life - and it brought a lump to my throat. Your whole family is an inspiration, Laura. I send you lots of love and will be thinking of you all as I tangle some beads. Axxx

  3. What a great event! Artoo has a fantastic collection. Yes, Artoo! You are so very brave!! Hoping to carve out time this week and do a tangle to celebrate his bravery.

  4. wot a great name and I'm thinking of you on your journey its like the never-ending story really just like mine
    great idea of the beads got to see wot i can do to get something like this here . You tangle is fabulous , my web

  5. I don't see the link machine. This is going to be a great challenge.

  6. oh my goodness... Chewy with the That is adorable. Love your photos!

  7. I don't see the link machine either. I finished my tile. What a fun challenge!

  8. I don't know why, but the linky machine isn't there. Oh, I see someone else commented. This challenge really moved me. I will stop back to see if I can link later. Now I'm off to meditate and hold you and artoo in my heart.

  9. We will be on once you put up the link.
    What a great mom you are. Hugs to you babe!,,

  10. As a cancer patient who spent a whole lot of time in a cancer hospital, I found Arts in Medicine a wonderful thing! That is actually where I was first introduced to Zentangle® and what inspired me to become a CZT.

  11. Congratulations on a super run!
    That's the best string of gorgeous beads I have ever seen!!

  12. Wonderful photos and story to Artoo's beads of courage. He is indeed a very courageous young man with a wonderful supportive family. :)

  13. So inspiring! Love your colorful run!

  14. Hey Laura, nice job with the family outings and special things you do for your was also good to see more of your family with your Dad's photo in there too. You all are a bunch of crazy people....hahahaha. I am on the Linky Machine successfully. My tile is titled "Magical Beads". CULater. Duane.

  15. Love the photos of the color run! So fun to see Artoo out there running! :) Glad to have found out about the beads of courage program. Very neat!

  16. This was a very heartwarming story about Artoo and the Beads Of Courage organization. My heart goes out to the family.

  17. I love the Beads of Courage program. It is an amazing thing. I haven't started on this one yet, now I'm feeling really inspired!

  18. Since it looks like Artoo has already collected many more beads than he can wear to his appointments, I tangled him a Secret Pal Protector to take with... inspired by and dedicated to your fierce and phenomenal devotion.

  19. I think it is so great that you raised money for this wonderful organization! I told my niece who has a special needs child all about Beads of Courage so hopefully she will look into it. My blog post and tile were inspired by her child. Artoo and your family are an inspiration to all of us every week!

  20. Laura, this has been a beautiful and most heartfelt challenge I have experienced on your blog!!! I am amazed at so many people's courage on their journeys with hardships. You have a beautiful and courageous family!!!! Thank you for always sharing with us Artoo's journey and all of your ways to strong!!! You are an amazing young woman with a heart that speaks to so many others!! Thank you so much for giving us all this opportunity to share and continue to heal and stay courageous!!! God Bless You and Your Family!!! (((HUGS))) Annette :0)

  21. Artoo's beads are many! Such a brave little lad. Prayers and hugs to you, your family and especially to Artoo.

  22. Thank you for sharing your story with us all, and encouraging us all to share and be inspired. (Hugs!)

  23. The Diva challenge is on day 10. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us!

  24. Great challenge this week. Best wishes to Artoo and your whole family as you all continue on your journey.

  25. Late on this one but got it done!


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