Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekly Challenge #173

Hey Hey Hey!!

Welcome to this week's Challenge.

Before we begin, you may notice that my obligatory preamble is missing!  Well, that's cuz i've moved it over there --> see it?

I have a few things to share with you today...

ONE - that i've been asked to teach at CanTangle, a learning even for Certified Zentangle Teachers being held in Regina, SK in July 2015!

Also in Regina, the week before CanTangle event, Sandy Steen Bartholomew will be teaching a Right-Brain Business Plan® workshop.  You can see the website here.

Currently i am in Providence, Rhode Island, attending the 15th CZT Seminar.  So today you will all be treated to a guest post from Sharla R. Hicks, CZT!  Enjoy!!

Weekly Challenge #173: Redux, Remix, Revisit Your Comfort Tangle

Hummmm redux is one of THOSE words! Wikepidea states: "Redux is an adjective, meaning "brought back" or "resurgent"." Another way to look at Redux is as a Revisit-Remix of old and new.  How does this apply to Zentangle and today's Diva Challenge?

Over the last couple of months I began a Revisit / Redux / Remix of the official tangle Mooka, designed by a Marie Thomas, Zentangle co-founder.  Turns out Mooka is one of my go-to tangles that opens me up to mindful focus and inspiration.  This day was no exception because when the time came to shade, I couldn't find my favorite graphite pencil so I turned to the one shading tool I had on hand, a General's Indigo MultiPastel Chalk Pencil.  I was surprised and in awe of the strength and power of this shading choice. I am hooked and I think you may be too.  20+ tiles later I think  I have come to a conclusion or again maybe not as my mind keeps thinking up new solutions.  You can view many more of these Mooka Redux/Remix/Revisit tiles on my Tangled Expressions blog at

My challenge to you this week is:

  • Redux, Remix, Revisit a familiar favorite tangle, one you may call a comfort or go-to tangle.
  • I challenge you to pick one you have not visited in a while as this revisit opens new channels of mindful creative thinking.
  • Optional: Choose a secondary comfort tangle(s) to highlight, blend and intertwine with your first choice.
  • Go about your exploration using a mindful, one stroke at time approach.
  • Do not rush the process—slow down—breath—take deliberate strokes—appreciate and find joy in the process—know you are enriched by your participation in the challenge.
Think about the following:
  • Change up your Revisit / Redux / Remix by selecting a new to you tile color or shape, different color paper and/or shading choices.

    • Exaggerate with bigify or miniaturization.
    • Change up with thin to thick variations.
    • Change up straight to curvy or visa versa.
    • Draw with &/or without string.

Here are some ideas:

  • If using white tile and black pen, alter the color choice of your shading tool and background fill.
  1. For example in the Mooka Redux shown above, I used General's Indigo MultiPastel Chalk Pencil for shading and experimented with what I call black out.
  2. You could change up your shading with Color Pencil, Pastel Chalk Pencil, Watercolor Pencil, Watersoluble Pen, or any other shading tool of choice like watercolors.  (see note below for some help if needed)
  3. NOTE: If you need some help, I am offering 2 shading tutorials over on my Tangled Expressions Blog.
    • One is using Gelly Roll Pens in a watercolor shading technique.
    • The other outlines using Watercolor Pencils for shading as shown in the below example.
    • I also use many other shading techniques, but I think these two are less known, so I hope you enjoy.

Here I used Zentangle Tile, Black Micron Pen 
& Graphitint Watercolor Pencils for shading 
Unfamiliar with how to do watercolor shading? See note above.

 More challenge thoughts:
  • Maybe try a new color of paper as your base tile or paper with black pen. 
  1. One of my favorite papers for rich color variations is Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel paper, they make 10 or more colors.
    NOTE: I prefer drawing on the smoother side of Mi-Teintes paper for more control over my line.
  2. Shade and highlight with matching shading choice.
Here I used a Green-Toned Canson Mi-Teintes Pastel paper, 
black Micron Pen, shaded with GraphiTint Watercolor Pencil 
& highlighted with Clear Stardust Sakura Pen.
 Here is my last thought for the challenge:
  • If using the new Zentangle Renaissance tiles, select an alternate pen color and shading choice not used before.
  1. I personally find deep rich pen colors are extra special on the tan tiles.
  2. Shade and highlight with  matching shading tools.

Here is the real joy of the challenge:

fter completing your tile(s), go back and compare your tangle choices to earlier works, you will be greeted with new variations and ideas that a Redux, Remix, Revisit of an old familiar tangle and friend brings.
My wish for each of you this week is the joy found in the mindful creative process of Redux, Remix, Revisit Your Comfort Tangle and I can't wait to see what you come up with!
Till then,
Tangled Expressions blog at

Sharla R. Hicks, a Certified Zentangle Teacher, certified under the tutelage of Zentangle founders Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas in February 2011, Class 5, and returned in June 2013, Class 11. She has made Zentangle an almost daily practice for the last 3.5 years which has had a profound effect on her discipline as an artist, her creative abilities, given back her love of teaching, and most significantly—Zentangle has helped her find her Artistic Voice. Sharla crosses the boundaries of expressive quilter, fiber artist, mixed media, collage, writer, printmaker and more. Her current focus is offering the gift of Zentangle to others through workshops, classes and lectures.  Her Tangled Expressions blog and personal website is Sharla started the online store in 1996 where she supports and teaches aspiring Zentangle artists and Expressive Quilters with innovative products, tutorials, and Zentangle Classes in the prettiest warehouse on the block in Anaheim, CA, USA. Sharla grew her business from the ground up and it has been quite an adventure. Now she find extra joy each day in the mindful exploration of Zentangle.

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  1. Can't wait to get home from work today and play. Laura your tiles are an inspiration beyond words. I really love how you have played with mooka! See you later!

  2. Thanks Sharla, your mooka tiles are divine!!

  3. Thanks Sharla, I appreciated you wonderful challenge. Thanks for hosting while Laura earns her wings. I'm so glad that she is in Providence. What a time she is having.

  4. Wow, I am so impressed by how each of you embraced the Redux, Remix, Revisit challenge. I can see that mindful Zentangle was your focus. Sharla

  5. I have just found out about the weekly challenge reading up on Zentangles. I was almost thwarted as I've not done this before, haven't a stash of tangles, let alone favorites. But it was just the impetus I needed to upload what I've been working on.
    While any piece of paper is fair game, I chose a nice warm peachy art paper I've had waiting for a little something to do. Is 20 years too long to wait?
    Thank you for the creative push and to everyone else sharing their work. I dream in Zentangles.

    1. Cheryl, welcome aboard!! It's always fun to see someone new join the Zentangle family! :0) Annette

    2. Very much appreciated, Annette! I look forward to getting tangled up in this family. It's a great creative and meditative method and supportive family.

  6. I like using the smooth side of Canson Mi Teintes too - the colour range is fantastic. Just found my old sample book in my paper stash. The samples are A6 (53/4x4 inches) so easy to crop to 'tile size' or leave as is. I think this is a really economical way to explore a LOT of different colour options.....and such fun. There's even a colour very similar to the Renaissance tiles.

  7. This was a great challenge. I never in my life would have thought to use gelly rolls with water. I purchased the "normal" gelly rolls from Sakura a while back and after trying them thought: What's the point? But now I know (for me)! Thanks for all your tips, Sharla, and your beautiful tiles are so inspiring!

  8. Thank you, Sharla for this great challenge. I was a real zen experience!

  9. Sharla, Thank you sooooooo much for stepping in for Laura!! WOWZA, your Mooka tiles are breathtaking!!! I enjoyed reading all of your helpful hints about color, too! I just had to try a black tile. They are so dramatic looking! It felt good to get into the Zen too. It was much needed for me, this week, as I am teaching Vacation Bible School to preschoolers!!! :0D Anyway, your work is so inspiring and I admire your talent! Thanks again!! Oh, I looked at your class schedule and hope to take your classes, as I am in So CA too! :0) Share Humanity

  10. I'm delighted to find this challenge. I'm new to Zentangle and this is just what I need to stretch and grow. I so enjoy looking at all the other tiles - thanks, all, for sharing your amazing creativity.

  11. This one was really fun - two of my 'comfort' tangles made it much easier. Thanks for providing this weekly challenge to keep us on our toes.

  12. Thanks for stepping in while The Diva is in Providence. Interesting challenge. Hope I did it justice.

  13. Thanks so much, Sharla, for your lovely mookas, the helpful coloring tips and the super-fun challenge.

  14. Love, love, love all your Mooka tiles, Sharla! Thanks for the fun challenge!

  15. Sharla, I found this challenge super fun and I loved your work - gorgeous and inspiring!

  16. Just squeaking in at the last minute. Thanks for the great challenge.

  17. This was a pretty difficult challenge for me.. You can find it at Day 26 of my entry!

  18. I was looking through your site just now and the word "anxiety" jumped out at me. So, I clicked on it. And discovered a wonderful way to hopefully tone down some of mine. I have many life struggles right now and visiting your blog today was one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you for sharing with all of us, especially that post on anxiety. I know what that's like and feel for anyone who has to endure it. Now, on to the orbs and TIPPLE!

  19. Loved this challenge! Gave me the most creative week I've had in months! Thanks!

  20. I was surprised by how difficult I found this. Using favourite tangles, fine. Mixing them, interweaving them - nope. I tried twice and just kept on giving then their own space. Maybe I'm just not very good at following instructions.


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