Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Day 2 of CZT 15

Good Morning everyone! i hope you've been having a wonderful week and have been enjoying the guest post

So, here the right up of Day 2... (Day one can be found here

I set my alarm for "bright and early" but i also managed to sleep right through it, some how turning it off instead of 'snoozing' - so when i woke up the next day, the first day of the training, i was already late.  my clock said 7:45 and they stopped serving breakfast at 8:15 and training began at 8:30! Holy snap.  so i leapt out of bed and got dressed and made my way downstairs in time to eat a banana and a weirdly toasted bagel, it took me a few tries to understand the toaster thinger - it had like a moving track... anyway, the most important part was:
When you're a blogger, you take a lot of selfies.  ;)

After cramming a few bottles of water into my bag, i tried ever so quietly to sneak in.... and saw this: 

 The room was packed!!
And also? they had already started.  Classy, Laura... REAAAAAL Classy.
I managed to find an open seat a few tables from the back and tip toed in.  I ended up sitting next to Hannah, one of the ladies from the night before.

Here's the first tile we made:

My memory is a little fuzzy, so - i may have some of the time lines and conversations will not be verbatim.... but anyway, at coffee break the woman to my left said:

"You're Laura Harms!"
i said: "Yes I am!"
she said: "I'm Katie C from your blog!"
i said: "Hello, Katie C! i'm Laura Harms from my blog!"

It was really quite amazing to meet people who have been reading my blog for the past 4 years and doing the challenges. 

After the morning session we all put our tiles together in a mosaic.
It's so fascinating to see how everyone does something different
I met another veteran CZT, named Joy, who was so sweet!  She had with her a book of all the challenge tiles she's done and she showed me, and it's so awesome!!  HELLOY JOY!!
Joy sent me this photo!
My experience the first day was interesting because i was not to make a big deal of who i was.  Rick and Maria encouraged us to ask each other about our "Zentangle Stories" so meal times were always interesting.  So many people had great stories about how they found Zentangle, and in some cases how Zentangle found them.  When people would ask me, i would say: "Oh, i heard about it from a friend at work" i didn't want to say too much because my speech was essentially - my Zentangle story.

One of my favourite moments from this day was a woman standing next to me in the line up for food gave me a once over and said; "You look familiar... are you on the internet?"
to which i replied with a smile: "yeah, sometimes."

i still get a little chuckle outta that one.

after lunch Katie C, Hannah and Sheena and i went for a bit of a walk around the shops - checking out the area.  I was mostly impressed with the architecture - they just don't make building like that anymore.

This is a Diva and KatieC selfie!
 In the afternoon session, i snuck this photo of Katie focusing.

i'm a rebel!
 After dinner i took a bit of a walk by myself and i took a few photos of some interesting parts of the buildings i walked past.

moulding around a door frame
 This building was kitty-korner to the courtyard of the Hotel Providence...

Here's a closer look at some of the decorative work...

The evening session was great, it was an interesting guided Zentangle meditation led by Molly.  

Okay, so - i had THE BEST TIME with these ladies right here.  Clockwise: Sheena, Beate, Hannah, Katie and Me.  They were hilarious.  I won't, and can't, give you all the details because some of those details are NSFW.  But the conversation did circle around cursing in different languages - and how things i've been saying in my daily life don't actually mean what i thought they mean.... They mean something completely different....

When you're a blogger, you take a lot of selfies.
...So different.
Thanks for reading! Day 3 will be coming soon.... Have a great week!

When i was in Providence i didn't get a chance to do a Q&A session, so if you have any Qs send them to me and i'll try to give them As. please send your questions to: lauraharmz (at) gmail (dot) com with subject: Q&A i'll be answering questions in August, hopefully!


  1. HAHA! Yes, that first conversation between us basically went that way. Inside, I was like, "OMG, LAURA HARMS," but played it cool -- because internet celebs are people too. :)

    Great write-up. It's awesome to relive the memories (the ones that ARE safe for work, and those that are NOT safe for work. ;)

    Enjoy DC!

    1. I remember feeling quite star struck at times...what a trip!

    2. Kathe, this comment is coming as a reply to your comment because I can't seem to find the "comment" link this morning! But that's okay because I was "star struck" meeting Laura too! My favorite memory is my daughter Julie and I sitting down to breakfast at this table with a darling gal all by herself and we always start with "tell me your Zentangle story" and Laura says "I blog". And I turn to her and say breathlessly "YOU'RE LAURA!"
      Naturally I have a photo of me with her too! Treasured photo and reading this about the trip is such a wonderful reminder of the fun!

  2. I love to read about your trip, so thank you again Laura!!!

  3. Hilarious conversation with some great friends, I'll remember it for ages. Still puts a smile on my face thinking about it now x

  4. It's so much fun to read about your adventures Laura. I love your selfies - they don't even look like selfies. I always have this exaggerated, goofy smile on my face and the angle is always very strange. Yours have class. You're doing a greate job of keeping your fans happy, heh-heh.

    1. Jennifer, I have to agree!! Whenever I have tried to do a selfie, I feel like my nose gets so much bigger than actual size, and I cringe thinking, do I really look like that??lol. Anyway, Laura, you always look terrific in yours. (you must have a really tiny nose) Thank you for all your wild and crazy stories!! I just hope that by the time I make it to CZT, you'll be going again!! (hint, hint) :0) Share Humanity

  5. It sounds like a terrific time. Thanks for's a bit like being there for us who weren't.

  6. Love all of your sharing and especially the selfies! I can't stop smiling about some of your stories. What fun!

    Jacque Solomon

  7. The pictures are great. I remember the buildings around there had some great work on them. I remember when I went out to take pictures of things to deconstruct saw so many things. On some I wondered if they were the inspiration for some of the tangles that people have developed. Some were in the brick and stone work and others from like the building in your picture. Great memories.

  8. I'm loving all the pictures and stories. I did CZT5 so I haven't seen Providence - YET! It's so tempting after your pictures.

  9. So nice to relive CZT 15 with you. I just wonder how you had time and energy to take walks. . .oh, that's right, you are such a young thing! It was all I could do to keep up with the classes, eats, after dinner breakouts and after breakouts, PARTY! I did all I dreamed of and more!


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