Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekly Challenge #184

Good Monday morning one and all!

Well, Chewie survived his first week of Grade One.

So far he's enjoying his new class.  He likes his new teachers and he has 2 friends from his Kindergarten class in his new one.  

moustaches are fun
The only thing he doesn't like, so far, is getting up in the morning - which is CRAZY to me because all summer he was up as soon as the clock said 7!

Artoo is missing his brother during the day, but we've been having fun playing games and reading stories and playing with Playdoh.

Thank you for all the wonderful well wishes as B-rad and i celebrated our 10th Anniversary this week! To celebrate, B-rad and i left the kids with my parents and headed to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
On our way to Moose Jaw... a TARDIS would have been a preferable mode of transportation

Moose Jaw is a city of about 32,000 people which thrives on tourism! There is a network of underground tunnels in Moose Jaw that were built in 1908 and were used, originally, to help Chinese Railway workers escape persecution, and sometimes entire families lived in the tunnels and worked in the businesses about ground in exchange for food and supplies.  It's also generally accepted that Al Capone used the tunnels in Moose Jaw for bootlegging in the 20s.  There are tours you can take into the tunnels.  B-rad and i had done the Al Capone tunnel tour a few years ago, so we decided to opt out of the tunnels this go around. 
We did not stay at Capone's Hideaway

We were there for the spa.

Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort is where B-rad and i spent our weekend.  In the 20s, while drilling for oil and gas, they discovered a geothermal spring of highly HOT (42C or 107.6F) mineralized water! So, they've been pumping it up into the pools ever since.

When we weren't taking a dip in the hot pool, we walked around scenic downtown.  We wandered through beautiful Crescent Park.
Anniversary Selfie
The grass was so green and soft in this park.   Although i think i got more mosquito bites in this park than i have all year.

One of the places i really wanted to go was to The Poutinerie.

It's true. 
So, for those of you who don't know - poutine (pronounced POO-TEEN if you're English speaking and POO-TIN if you're French) is a traditional French Canadian dish which consists of french fries, cheese curds, and gravy.  It's. Amazing.

I had a traditional Poutine, and B-rad had a pulled pork poutine
The poutine experience was excellent - but the best part of the Poutinerie for me was sitting with B-rad and guessing the song titles and band names of the songs playing on the 80 metal radio station.

B-rad and i had a really wonderful weekend away...
Yoga in Public Places - Mac the Moose and a Canadian Snow Bird
only to show up at my mom and dad's to find that Chewie had fallen from the monkey bars on the weekend and hurt his wrist, and also a very hot and fevered Artoo.

We got the boys home and settled and i spent most of the late afternoon with Artoo snuggled on my lap.  This is a clear indicator that he's not feeling well, he's not much of a snuggler.  By bedtime he seemed to be a bit more himself.  Hopefully whatever he's working on gets out of his system soon.

Weekly Challenge #184: "New Official Tangle: ING by Molly"
This week the newest "official" was released by Zentangle HQ in their latest newsletter and if you're a regular here you will have anticipated that this week's challenge would be to try the new tangle:

I was lucky enough to be in Providence at one of the training seminars where they demonstrated this tangle.  So i've had some time to play with it!

Have a great week!

If you have a blog, add the site-specific URL where your tile is posted to the linkey machine below! Don't forget to link back here so that others can join in the fun! (if you don't know how to find this, you can see my half assed tutorial here) Also, please feel free to come back often and visit the links of those people on the linkey machine - don't forget to leave a comment or feedback, everyone loves feedback. ;) 
If you don't have a blog but still want to participate, you can email your tile to me and i will put it in the slideshow. (send submissions to: weeklychallenge at[not gmail, just mail]. I just ask that you put in the subject line: Challenge # ________ 
The deadline for each weekly challenge is Saturday night so that i can round everyone up by Sunday. What this means is that i will stop adding tiles to the slideshow on Sunday. You're still more than welcome to do the challenges and add your name to the linkey machine. - although to be honest the deadline is pretty forgiving.
 I will be more diligent with the linkey machine - by editing out the ones that don't work, the doubles, the links that lead to nowhere, the links that go just to blog home pages (this is why we need those site specific urls), and the spam. And there is some spam. PLEASE do not put your *home* page in the linkey machine... please? for me??


  1. Fun, fun, fun. Thanks for the challenge and the inspiration of your tile! You are truly the diva!

  2. Even with using a tile that I just completed yesterday, not knowing that ING would be the Diva Challenge, I could not be the first one to post. Will try to do another one later in the week. Will be interesting to see the different ways this tangle gets used.

  3. I had fun trying out this new tangle. Good one, Molly!

  4. ING has swing, your tiles zing with ING!

  5. Thanks for this week challenge :) I hope you have a great week ahead with your boys :)

  6. I was so tempted to draw a little tardis in the corner of my tile.

  7. Posted not one but Five Ing-ed out tiles on my blog! Fun exercise.

  8. Wow, I like your tiles a LOT, especially the second one. Thanks Laura, for another great challenge and post!

  9. Love your pics, Laura! Looks like you had a great time! Your little men are getting so big! Maybe I'll take some lessons from Chewie on how to fly a boomerang! (Love it!) Have a great week! Great tangle, I had fun with it! Thanks for keeping us all challenged!! :0) Share Humanity

  10. Ich bin noch nicht sehr lange dabei, habe aber viel Spaß an der Challenge es ist immer wieder eine Herausforderung. Vielen Dank für die Inspierationen.

  11. At first I was not too enthused about this tangle, but the more I played around with it, the more possibilities emerged. Thanks for challenging my brain yet again.

  12. They grow up so fast!!! :) Enjoy your little ones.

    I had fun with ING :)

  13. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy homeworkING :)

  14. I'm definitely late to the link up this week, but I have a good excuse which I've included with my tangle. I'm glad you had a chance for a grown up get-away for your anniversary. After 32 anniversaries, I can safely say it's important to take care of your couple-ness while you take care of everything else.

  15. I really like this pattern, even though I'm not happy with my finished tile but I'm late this week so what you see is what you get. will try harder!

  16. I had a lot of fun with this one. Congratulations on your 10th!

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