Monday, September 29, 2014

Weekly Challenge #187

Good Good Monday Morning everyone!

I hope you all had fun with last week's challenge.  The submissions that i have seen so far are just beautiful! love them!

B-rad, Artoo and I started our week off last week with a 6.5 hour car ride to Calgary, AB.
Watching Muppets Most Wanted for the one hundredth time.
The reason for the visit? To go to the Alberta Children's Hospital where we met with the opthalmological surgeon who will eventually do Artoo's strabismus surgery.

So colourful!
 This was our first time in a Children's Hospital - and i have to say that the experience there was just awesome!  The hospital is so bright and colourful, and when you walk inside it doesn't FEEL like a hospital.  Artoo has had his fair share of hospitals, and can tend to get anxious when we walk inside.

 He was stress free, the whole time.  He had fun playing games with the techincian, and when we actually saw the doctor he was laughing and having a good time.  We got some promising information and we feel pretty confident about going forward with surgery - and at the end of the appointment we said goodbye to the doctor and Artoo blurted out: "Wait!! i want to give you a hug!" and so he climbed down off the big eye-doctor chair and ran over to the doc to give him a hug.  It was crazy awesome.

Because this appointment was on a tuesday, Chewie spent the days we were gone with Grandma and Grandpa so he wouldn't miss any school (after missing a whole week from being sick the week before).
Hello Brother!

On Wednesday, Artoo and I went to pick him up from school, and Artoo was so excited to see his brother he was banging on the window shouting: "Hi Brother!!! Hello!!"  it was super cute, and Chewie's first grade teacher is so sweet, she told Chewie: "You've been away from your family for a long time, why don't you go now?" and let Chewie out of class a few minutes early.   They were very happily reunited.  Love that.

Having had such a great experience at Alberta Children's this week, it made what happened Thursday morning, here in Saskatoon, that much more exciting.  This week, they FINALLY broke ground on Saskatchewan's Children's Hospital!! After years and years of fundraising and planning and community planning - our Children's Hospital is finally FINALLY underway!  Above in the pink hard hat is my very very good friend Tara (hello!!) giving a speech at the ground breaking ceremony.  She and i met just after our little ones were born, and she has been heavily involved in the hospital planning as a patient family advocate.  I'm just so proud of her, and i'm confident that because of her families voices are being heard as they go forward with the facility.  YAY TARA!!

Y'know, before i had kids i never really thought about what having a children's hospital would mean to our province.  It's gonna be a game changer, for sure.
at the theatre

goofy faces

Thursday night we scored some free tickets at the last minute to see a show with the kids (thanks again Tara) and they both had a really great time.  It was one of those Kiddy shows with people dancing around in costumes.  I thought it might be a little old for Chewie, but he had a great time.  And Artoo just loves music and he was so happy to dance and clap his hands and sing songs.  it was so fun.

I have so many more pictures of things we did this week, but honestly, this post is so long already.  lol.  not every week is so jam packed!

Weekly Challenge #187: "String Theory - Blind String"
A lot of new tanglers i talk to say the same thing: They get stumped by the string.  But you don't need to be stumped.

Every once in a while i like to come back to this challenge.  It's pretty fun, because it takes your brain out of the equation when drawing your string.

To begin, draw your dots and your border.

Then put your pencil somewhere on the tile (i put mine by the edge of the tile) and close your eyes and draw a string...blind.

my bind string
This is very different from my regular strings... because there are so many tiny sections!  But it was pretty fun to tangle.

Tangled up and ready to go. 
I'm really loving how this turned out.  It was so fun!

Your turn!  Close those eyes, draw your string, and tangle away!

Have a great week everyone!
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  1. What a wonderful experience for you and Artoo to come to that children's hospital. Him, no being scared at all must be fantastic!!!!
    Thanks (as always) for sharing your stories and photo's and .... your tile is really lovely!
    I'm always waiting on Monday's for the clock to point two in the afternoon, because that's when your new challenge will (probably) be there. Also big THANKS's for that!!!

  2. I am so happy that your experience at the children's hospital was so great - yay!!! ~ Diane Clancy

  3. How exciting to be at the beginning of a children's hospital. The one in our area is wonderful. It is amazing how they treat the kids but also parents as well. Adult hospitals could learn quite a bit about patient care from them. Thanks for another great challenge!

  4. slideshow opinion: Don't do it. It's very time consuming, and you have dozens and dozens of entries every week. You could end up doing just the slideshow for hours every day, especially near the end of the week when so many people pile in their entries as the deadline nears.

    Your own time and energy output aside, I enjoy visiting other people's blogs to see their art (and often reading and browsing on their blogs for a bit), and i enjoy having people visit my blog, to see my work. I think things are just fine without a slideshow.

  5. I agree with Heidi Sue. You have enough on your plate and can skip doing the slide show----unless others want to volunteer to take it on. It's nice to visit other blogs and I enjoy having others visit mine. Further, there is at least one Pinterest board with quite a few of the challenge entries posted -- not that I remember where it is just now.

    We are fortunate to have two world class children's hospitals in Philadelphia---and four medical schools! One of our sons had 3 eye surgeries at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. As you can imagine, the wait for your toddler to be taken to the recovery room is kind of excruciating, but I'm thankful for modern medicine.

  6. I am new to this challenge and new to Zentangles as well, and whilst I am having a great time so far, I may not be in the best position to offer my 2 cents' worth, but I shall proceed to do so anyway :P

    I agree with the others about not having the slideshow.

    It is not that I don't appreciate having it, I do. I just don't think the amount of work and time you put in to doing the slideshow is justifiable. I agree also, that you surely have plenty on your plate as it is, and this weekly challenge (thank you again for it!), should not be so burdensome for you. It is unfair.

    Like Suzanne mentioned, there's a large Pinterest following now and there are people who 'collect' pins and boards featuring tangles. Perhaps it might be a lot less work if we could all "help out" by adding our pins directly onto a "official Diva challenge" board you could host?

    Or... perhaps a fortnightly challenge instead? I am sure most of us would understand if you needed more time in between challenges. (One week passes SO quickly for me too... and I don't even have kids. Kudos to you hahaha..)

    Even if you choose to do a weekly challenge-sans-slideshow, I'd think it would be fine. Like Suzanne again, I quite enjoy my once-weekly blog-hopping and checking in on everyone's work.


  7. I'm new to the Zentangle craze but have been looking at it for a while now. After finding out a friend was into it and seeing her creations it urged me to have a go. I am a card maker so I am using my creations as a background + feature of my cards. Thanks for the tips & I hope to play along again. Vikki W

  8. Always enjoy your photos.....keep them coming!

  9. Great challenge! A suggestion for a future challenge - have a kid or non-tangler draw a string for you. I've done this a few times and it always proves an interesting challenge! Keep them coming!

  10. Fun challenge! I will have to keep this in my toolkit when I'm not feeling super creative ;)

  11. I agree with Heidi Sue too. Why do you need a slideshow? Everyone's entry is there on the challenge for you to visit - the time it takes is not much compared to the amount of time you would be taking to do a slideshow. Love your blind string tile.

    1. P.S. - what would really help is if people would disable the captiva 'prove you are not a robot' thing - I don't mind the numbers, but the letters are hard to read and take up unnecessary time when visiting sites.

    2. Hi Kia! I just wanted to address the Captcha thinger - i totally TOTALLY know where you're coming from, because they're kind of a drag when i come across them in my internet travels. Sadly, my blog was getting some pretty vicious and disgusting spam... a sign that i was getting enough traffic to have "arrived" in the internetting world. I still do get the occasional spam, but the number is significantly less than it was before i had the captcha.


  12. Hi Laura, Good news about the hospital. I just posted my blind string challenge on my blog. I'm traveling right now so I did it with the blogger app on my phone. I don't know how to add that to your linky machine on my phone though. (I don't know how to cut and paste links) would you please add it? Thanks, Sue Jacobs

  13. i love the pictures of your family - and your friends - you're a great mom! i know you're a busy, busy lady so i appreciate all the work you put into the Diva Challenge! i know you have a million other things you need to be doing, but you always make time for us. thank you!

  14. I'm a bit late this week, Laura, sorry, had visitors.So I went a bit mad and did three tiles, trying to find a way to put some sense into a blind string. Not entirely successful. I bet you have a bit of a giggle some weeks, watching us all jump through your hoop. But that's ok - we wouldn't do it if we didn't like it! As always, thanks for the impetus.

  15. Okay , Laura, you're little kiddos got me all choked up, when I was reading your traveling story! (loved how Artoo went knocking on his brothers classroom door) Brotherly love!!!Your boys both sound like sweet hearts! Thanks for sharing your stories!! I'm so happy to hear there will be a Children's Hospital closer to you!! Keep the Faith and Continue to Hope! That'll get where you need to go!You are a Rock, girlie!!! Your boys are so blessed to have you as their mommy!

    I loved this challenge! And your tile is simply beautiful!!!
    We're blessed to have you in our lives too!!!
    Have an awesome and hopefully relaxing weekend!!
    :0) Annette Share Humanity

  16. How important to do all that work for a Children's Hospital! Thanks for the challenge -- I never thought of a blind string before!

  17. Reading through the comments, I too agree with Heidi Sue. I really don't think that a slideshow is necessary. You have enough on your plate without that being added. That being said, I'm happy that you are getting a Children's Hospital in your area. The one we have here in Salt Lake is fabulous and does wonders for the kids. My son was in there a few times when he was a child and they treated all the kids like gold and tried to help them be happy even though some of them were very sick. I'm glad that the news is good about Artoo, he is such a sweetie in the pictures you have shown us, and I think it's grand that the two boys are so close. It makes life easier for you. Thank you for everything you do here for us. I think all will agree that we think we are lucky to know you!



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