Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekly Challenge #190

Happy Monday!

What a busy weekend for us!  As i mentioned on Thursday, Artoo turned 4 this week.  So this weekend we had a Dinosaur Party!

Pretty much since he could talk he's wanted to be a Palaeontologist.
Last year he wasn't really into birthday parties yet... but this year he's been talking about his Dinosaur Birthday Party since JUNE! So, we had to do it up right for the little guy.

My little Palaeontologist finding a Dinosaur egg in the sandbox!
We invited his 3 little friends and their 3 older siblings and had a dinosaur egg hunt in the backyard.  LUCKILY the weather this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous so we were able to have most of his party outside!
The party Crew and their Dino Finds
Artoo really loved it, and he kept singing "Happy Birthday to ME!" all day long, even after the party was over.
Blowing out the candle!
This was also a big day for Artoo - as it was the very first time he ate a cupcake, without it being puréed first!  (Because of his syndrome, he's unable to eat solid food that isn't blended or very soft) So that was totally exciting!

Then after his friends went home, he had a nap and then the family came over in the evening for burgers and cheesecake (which i made from scratch, it was amazing!!)

All in all, it was a good day.
Sadly, both the boys are sick now... Chewie started coughing a bit on Saturday, and now Artoo is coughing as well... so send healthy thoughts our way!!

Weekly Challenge #190: "Pink for Ardath*"
I called this Challenge Pink for Ardath because last winter my grandmother Ardath passed away from complications due to Breast Cancer.

1957 Grandma and Dad
 My grandma was a very talented lady.  She was creative in almost every crafty way imaginable, but she was also a very gifted artist.  As a kid growing up, i remember always thinking that i got my musical gifts from my mom's side, as all her family have wonderful singing voices, but i didn't know that the artistic gifts came from my dad's side until i was an adult.  Grandma always sewed; she made clothes for my dolls.  She knitted sweaters and mittens and soooooo many slippers, and she was a very accomplished quilter, but she was a really great artist as well.

Grandma and Dad

Grandma and Grandpa on their wedding day 
One really great memory i have of her that will always stick with me is when i was probably 10 or 11 years old.

I was at her house (that always smelled like cooking ham, in the best way possible) and i was drawing a picture.  She pulled up a seat next to me, and showed me the coolest thing: Watercolour pencil crayons.  And this was in the early 90s! She told me they were very expensive and she had to order them.  They were amazing because you could draw with them, and then use a paint brush with clean water and you'd get a beautiful painted picture.  As she told me about them, she drew a beautiful pink rose on my drawing, and then expertly flicked the wet brush to create a watercolour.

Materials: Zentangle tile, Pink Watercolour Wash, Pink Sakura Golddust pen,
Sakura Pigma Micron, Sakura Gelly Roll white, Fabrico marker in Cool Grey

Materials: Bijou tile, Pink Watercolour Wash, Pink Sakura Golddust pen,
Sakura Pigma Micron, Sakura Gelly Roll white, Fabrico marker in Cool Grey

This week please use pink in some way in honour of Ardath* (*or someone you know whose lives have been touched by Breast Cancer).

Have a great week!

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  1. What a loveing tribute to your grandmother!! I love your tiles, especially the first one.
    Hope the boys will recover soon.

  2. I love to read family stories like this one. Wishing get well thoughts for the boys. (When I hit the Linky, it just posted without the correct link. If you could kindly remove the first post?)

  3. Thank you for today's challenge. Sending you warm thoughts in the loss of your grandmother. Hope the boy's get well soon.

  4. A nice challenge -thank you! Today it was easy for me. I hope your sons will get well again!

  5. Happy late birthday to Artoo. I can't wait to start on this challenge.

  6. That was a nice challenge and I like pink ;-) I never tried a colour in a zentangle before and I must say - I really like it!
    Greetings to you :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Artoo! What wonderful tributes to your Grandmother.

  8. Talent obviously runs in the family! A great party, good story, and a fun challenge. Thanks!

  9. Isn't cute how our old photos are small squares like a Zentangle tile? Even the deckle edge.

  10. Happy Birthday Artoo - I love reading your blog Laura. My husband's mother died of breast cancer when he was 2 so this "touch of pink" honours her

  11. I absolutely love both of your tiles, Laura. They're gorgeous.

  12. Laura your 'hope' tile looks wrapped up with passion.

  13. Wishing you a very happy birthday Artoo! Hope both kids are doing good now.

  14. Laura, the picture of Artoo with the hat and holding the egg, is just the cutest one yet! I just can't believe he is 4 already! Happy Birthday to Artoo. Also, this is a very nice tribute to your grandma and to all women who's lives have been touched by breast cancer.

  15. Firstly, Get well soon, boys. I'm glad you had such fun for Artoo's birthday. I like the sound of your grandmother, she must have been quite a woman. She's the same generation as my mum and she too was a strong, creative woman, busy with crafts as well as family and a job. It's good to remember and pay tribute now and then.

  16. I love your tribute to your grandmother - just beautiful. I too share my watercolour crayons and all of my best art supplies with my two granddaughters. Such beautiful memories for both the girls and I. Thank you for allowing me to peep into the future where I'm hoping my girls will remember our special art times too with the love that you've remembered your Ardath. And I hope that good health has been restored to your family again. Cheers!


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