Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hang in there

Hey everyone,

if you've been following my instagram account, you might have seen that i've been in Ottawa for the past few days, doing some volunteer work for the Canadian Lung Association.

I just arrived home tonight (Sunday) and i have been up since 5 am and travelling all day.

Ottawa is north of New York state, and is about 2,931 km away from Saskatoon. (1,821 miles)

i've spent a majority of my day in airports and airplanes...
so i'm going to get some sleep and i will write and post a new Weekly Challenge tomorrow morning while my kids are in school.

thanks for understanding!!
see you all tomorrow.



  1. You continue to amaze me! Settle back in, get some rest. You deserve it!

  2. Did you sleep?!? I visited a travel blogging long haired chihuahua in Ottawa 3 years ago. Lovely city. I was there in June. If the boys like cute, little dogs, show them


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