Monday, May 30, 2016

weekly Challenge #270

Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a great week, and a very Happy Memorial Day to my friends to the South.

With the school year winding down, the kids are doing a lot of fun activities!! This week Artoo's class took a field trip to the Forestry Farm, which is a little zoo here in Saskatoon.  It was a great day for it, and the animals were all out and being very active!  I got to go along as a helper mom and it was a very fun day.
Chewie had a field trip too, to a Pow Wow, but i wasn't able to go along on that field trip.  Sadly.

Artoo and friends!
 This weekend was the SaskMarathon so Saturday we set up a Beads of Courage booth at the Marathon Expo and were telling folks about our Colour Run (next weekend!!).  I brought Artoo along for a bit, and he was so charming and was telling everyone about his beads.

I had to take a break from the Expo so i could take Artoo to a birthday party - his best friend at school, Ally, invited him to her Princess Party - and he had a wonderful time!  He even got to meet some fairytale princesses! 

Artoo getting his nails painted green by Princess Rapunzel
 He was Prince Nice, and he was a very nice Prince.

Princess Merida, Prince Nice, and Princess Rapunzel
 Then it was back to the Marathon expo - but this time i took Chewie with me, and he was very helpful as we took everything down and loaded up the van.

Speaking of SaskMarathon - i ran the 10K on Sunday.  I didn't do any training, so considering that i think i did alright.  i felt good about my run, but it was super hot by the end.  My official chip time was 1:14:39.0 and i was aiming for about 1:25:00 so i'm happy!
We have a very busy week coming up with more school activities and the Colour Run on Sunday - and i'm already exhausted.   I could use a nap.

Weekly Challenge #270: "Skye - a Tangle by Margaret Bremner, CZT"
have you seen this new tangle? If not you can see the step outs on Margaret's blog here as well as some of her gorgeous tiles featuring Skye!

I've been meaning to try this since she released it this month, but i haven't had the opportunity!  And since this is MY blog, i made it this week's challenge so i WOULD have the opportunity!

This is my very first attempt
This tangle is definitely more High Focused... and you can see my first attempt did not go as well as i would have hoped.  But my second tile was not too shabby.  i feel like the more i get a feel for this tangle, the better i'll get at it. 

second attempt!  

I will have to spend more time with this one, but i already love it! Thank you Margaret for this awesome tangle to play with!

Have a great Week!

And if you're on the App, - i'm @iamthediva - come on by and follow me, and i'm going to be using hashtags on the app for each of my weekly challenges.  So if you're game use the hashtag #DC270 (Diva Challenge #270) for your tile this week!  

[i had been using a much longer hashtag for past challenges - iatdwc for iamthediva weekly challenge - but i'm shortening it for ease and for less memorizing random letters ;)]

If you have a blog or host your images on line (like on Flickr or Picassa or Pinterest), add the site-specific URL where your tile is posted to the linkey machine below! Don't forget to link back here so that others can join in the fun! (if you don't know how to find this, you can see my half assed tutorial here) Also, please feel free to come back often and visit the links of those people on the linkey machine - don't forget to leave a comment or feedback, everyone loves feedback. ;)


  1. Very nice...So difficult and you made a masterpiece at your second attempt ��

  2. Not the easiest tangle in the beginning, but you really tamed it and nailed it! Worth the effort for sure!

  3. I do remember the time being a help mom and loved it!!!! So, enjoy this time to the fullest (I think I don't have to say that to you).
    You did very well with this new tangle; I just finished my tile (my first attempt as always) and had a real hard time drawing this.

  4. Thanks for assigning this tangle for the challenge! I tried it once before unsuccessfully, but this time, was able to do it! It really is a beautiful tangle.

  5. Nice pictures of a sunny Canada, here in Belgium we have lots of rain at the moment.
    Congrats with your run, it is a very nice chip time!
    I like your second attempt very much

  6. Trying to turn out a respectable version of Skye seriously taxed my brain, but I'm glad you used it in this week's challenge since it forced me to stick with it. It was also an excellent opportunity for me to merge my CZT and travel blogger personas and share some travel photos as we visited the Isle of Skye at the end of April. Cute photos of the boys, as always.

  7. Your tiles are great Laura.....I like the tangle combo's in the second one. This challenge definitely needed more concentration!! :O). Thanks for the challenge and congrats on your run!!

  8. Had a lot of fun learning this one. Thanks for the link to Margaret's blog... I finally resonated with a step out for this one and now I'm in love!

  9. Late to this one...almost did not complete but alas it is done..thanks as this was a real Challenge!!!

  10. Took me a while to get the hang of this. Have attached my first attempt. Thanks for the challenge!


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